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Foam wings cut

Matt Carlton

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I'm looking to get some cores cut for a project, but don't really need them to be ready veneered and whatnot, just a basic set of white foam cores. 


Does anyone have the facility to cut cores, and what do you charge? 


Many thanks





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B & Q do 8ft x 4ft x 2in thick polystyrene sheet (EPS) for £21 (£17 only a few months ago!). I cut it up into four blocks (4ft by 2ft) in the car park to get it in the car. An alternative is to use extruded polystyrene sheet (XPS).

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Posted (edited)

I'd cut my own, but I don't have a cutter. I should probably change that, but for a one off, it'll probably cost more to build a cutting bow, get a power supply etc etc. 


I'll think of something. 


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Like you say Matt, for a one off probably best to have your cores professionally cut (another vote for Cloud Models).

A hot- wire cutter is not too difficult to make but a bit of a faff.


You also need to make a cutting guide to chop the foam into blocks.




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Firebrand looks great so far. 

I think that getting a set cut as a one off is probably the way to go, but I have been a bit surprised at the cost I have been quoted so far. It might be that my brain is still stuck somewhere in about 1992. 

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