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Adhesive masking sheet WTB?

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Does anyone know where to get or even what to search for to find the kind of self-adhesive paper masking sheet they use on those custom car shows on TV for masking out painted graphics. It looks like a thin slightly stretchy paper which is see-through and comes in wide sheets or on a roll. All I get when searching is either the type that's only adhesive along one edge or just some brown paper on a roll.

Tamya do small sheets for R/C cars but I was looking for a larger size.

Any custom car enthusiasts out there that could help with this would be most appreciated.

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Vinyl cutting machines can use masking rolls. You don’t have to have a machine, just cut by hand. Comes in different widths, to fit different machines.
It’s a big industry nowadays, and I would guess that’s where the greatest variety is, rather than the remains of the old hand crafted graphic art industry.

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38 minutes ago, Andy Stephenson said:



I'm lucky because a flying mate has an industrial vinyl cutter/printer so I may well ask him to cut me some more of the complex graphics.

Just bear in mind, ordinary vinyl has hi tack adhesive. My point is, there is a large industry that uses low tack vinyl for masking. 

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