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Depron scratch built McDonnel Douglas MD-83 in Scandinavian Airlines livery

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Back in 2010 I was waiting for the Windrider 737 to arrive, and since it took some time I started another build. The McDonnel Douglas MD-83 was based on drawings from scale-parkflyer.de. Back then I got it nearly finished (95%) and then the 737 showed up - and the project has been stored ever since. The 737 is long gone, so it was time to finish the MD-83 project and fly it!


Plans where from www.scale-parkflyer.de (now also availible with a precut depron piece set) and the specs are as follows:

  • Wingspan: 1300 mm (51")
  • Fuse length: 1670 mm (65")
  • RTF weight: 1250 grams (39oz)
  • Power: Two55 mm brushless EDFs


Here are a cople of shots from the first meeting in the season (yes, it is a frozen lake!)

The development within the field of EDF has come a long way over the last 12 years, but I opted for keeping the old fans - and it actually works, not too much power, but enoug to get of the ground (ice) and do well in the air. It need some speed, the wings are not big at all!

Enjoy video and pictures!

Drone video of the maiden flight:

Video of the second flight:










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That is absolutely gorgeous any chance of a plan in RCM&E please? Airliners EDF or Propeller are never seen as plans in magazines which is a shame because they break the norm. Congratulations on such a lovely model.

Kindest Regards 


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