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An array of heads!

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I've seen them before, I think.  They're considerably more life-like than the vast majority of model pilots I've seen.  A pity the there isn't a wider scale range - most are either 1/12 or 1/6.  The few celebrities I know by sight are readily recognisable in these sculptures.


There's a furniture shop in Belper that displays ornaments/sculptures carved in wood (birds and animals, mostly) that are incredible and often priced at less than £20.  They also do tin-plate cars/vans etc about 300mm long which are also painted at around £30 each.  I just don't know how they can be made and sold so cheaply.  They're incredible.  I don't actually want one (too many dust gatherers as it is) but I always have a look when I walk past.

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All I got from them was this,,


We will scan you and print you. We can also sell you your raw, unedited scan file. If you are interested in having this done, our next show will be at Weston Park International Model Show, 17-19th June 2022


Hier, à 11:25
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