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Anyone used HK Tan Green covering

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As per title. Has anyone used Hobby King Tan Green covering film?

Tan Green HK film If so, what colour is it? Beige? Light Kahki? Light grey/ green?

It's hard to tell from the photoand I can't think of many ARTFs that use such a colour and there doesn't seem to be an Oracover equivalent.

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41 minutes ago, Paul De Tourtoulon said:

I will ask Pierre he has a few of those military colours,

 I bought "fuchsia" it's Orange, another club member bought Ferrari Red, it's the same orange as mine, orange,,?

Thanks Paul. If he has any it would be interesting to see what colour it actually is.  

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On 30/04/2022 at 11:59, leccyflyer said:

Purely from the image it looks like an approximation of Sky, as used in RAF day fighter schemes from Aug 1940 onwards, but pictures can be deceptive on screen. Tamiya XF-21 for comparison


Indeed screen pics are deceptive. Denis who has some film describes it as "lime green". So I'll just paint the existing light grey film on the model with the correct colour. Can check then before/ as the paint goes on.

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