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Phase 5e pictures for reconstruction job .

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You know how it is somethings niggling you at the field in my case the flaps on my Phase 5e would not come down the same on both sides so after faffing for 1/2 hour or so to hell with it flaps up don't bother with them sort em out later .  Nice chuck from a friend and immediately something is seriously wrong , brain chips in and says elevators reversed but fingers are not responding to inputs - nice muddy earth is waiting . Folding prop motor and cowl all well buried in ground no spade so left there . On inspection everything gone to 2 inches behind where motor mount would be , various cracks in sheeting but nothing thin cyano couldnt fix . I have ordered a new cowl to get the shape at the nose but am needing some detailed pictures of the inside of battery compartment with wing on and off so I can get it right . Some bits are missing like the wing bolt section and I'm not sure what shape it is , also around the motor mount . Any pictures of the inside will do , I could order a new fuselage but no one has one in stock and the model came from a much missed flying chum so don't want to bin it . In my defence before anyone says did you not check directions before flight yes I did but was fooled by the all moving elevator and didn't notice the Radio had reversed the elevator , very odd trying to put opposite elevator in . Thanks in anticipation . 

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Thanks Denis it's a start but I need a bit more detail and there appear to be a few slight changes i.e the canopy is a different shape . If no pictures I'll just have to guess it when I get the cowl and wing back on and dry fit parts until its right .

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