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Summer 2022 is here - who's been flying?

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Nice! Any after picture at our field would include a dead fly or two.  To be fair, before pictures would include tiny spiders unless you were quick.


No flying for me since Tuesday, and until next Tuesday - puppy sitting a black Lab.

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Forecast was for 13mph winds and I wasn't going to bother going to the field, but at 9:30 it didn't look too bad - anemometer said 3-4mph, so I chucked a few windy day models, some batteries and a couple of TXs in the car and went. It was fine, NW wind straight down the strip, but strengthened through the morning 6-8-10-12mph. I didn't take any of the new maiden flight candidates, so as not to be tempted in dodgy conditions.

That made for some interesting flights but loose formation flying with a pair of PZ Spitfires and a Dynam Hurricane was great fun. The EF P-51 and especially the PZ FW190 were pretty rapid downwind in a dive, as were my clubmates' Red Arrows Hawks. It was hats, coats and gloves though as the overcast took over and the wind got stronger. More like October than June and 14-16mph by the afternoon, so home for sausage sandwiches and tea.

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Had the field to myself all morning. Rather windy and from the wrong direction, which was good practice. Seven flights and late home for lunch ?.

This has come my way from SWMBO's uncle who used to make models.


The classic book, together with some classic plans.


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Flying yesterday, early as usual, the conditions were less than perfect so the Mini Super and MPX Heron stayed in the car. The chosen victim was the MPX Easy Star which gave me one hour flight time over four flights.  Not easy or relaxing but good practice and fun.


Today in near perfect conditions the Easy Star stayed at home. First up was the Mini Super, with the wing packed up by 2 mm, what a joy to fly ? just need to change the prop for a 10x4. Definitely getting there and it's beginning to grow on me.


Next the MPX Heron which is a replacement for the Phoenix 2000, which is no more as I tried to fly it in less than perfect conditions (a lesson learned), I have made a launch dolly specially for the Heron, so the main task was to test it. It worked first time and the Heron quickly left it behind and climbed away in the early morning sunshine. This is so much better than its predecessor and well worth the extra cost, but the Phoenix was only £95 a couple of years ago and it has served its purpose of teaching me how to fly full house gliders and not to push my luck.





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Me - for the first time in a week, whilst my wife looked after the puppy.


Just took my Wots Wot foamy, and my Arrows Hawk.  Lovely time in the sun, with good company. 


  • Kev flew his Decathlon and Super Chipmunk in his usual spirited fashion!
  • Ian just avoided a mid-air with Tony, but couldn't avoid the ground. With the help of some Por, his Hawk will soon be flying again 
  • Kev (another one) brought something to drool over - an HP in-line twin, 2 x 61's joined together. Then he struggled with the engine in his unknown vintage pattern ship. I wanted to see it fly but had to leave....
  • Tony flew his insanely aerobatic Hacker Zoom - about 100 rolls a second!
  • Brian flee his Wot trainer, but after 2 near disasters, called it a day. Then he and Ian spent 90 minutes trying to set up a Spektrum receiver with SAFE..... thought these were supposed to be easier than OpenTx (my tongue is in my cheek...)
  • Eric turned up just as I was leaving - and brought the wind with him.
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A special event at my club this weekend with guest pilots from all over the country.


40 plus models of all types and mostly large.

A couple of poor quality pic from my phone to set the mood. Hope to be able to share more plus a video soonish.


IMG_20220624_195955404_HDR (2).jpg

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Couple of hours on the slope today, as way too windy for the club field. ~In the end it was also way too windy for the slope, 22-28mph winds, which tended to destroy the lift and whip up the turbulence, making getting away from the slope a real challenge. My PMP Hawk couldn't cut it and was forced back to the slope. My PSS Cambrian Spitfire failed it's preflight with a duff elevator servo, which was non-responsive. ?

My Big Yellow Taxi soarer almost had to sit out the session, as the wing bolt washer which stops the wingbolt slipping through the enlarged wing bolt hole was nowhere to be found. 

Anyway, to cut a long story short, a bit of lateral thinking produced an expired credit card, which I was able to fashion a double washer out of and melt a hole for the wing bolt. This secured the wing, but just in case I doubled up with some wing bands, stretched around the fuselage and wind roots. Literally "credit card modelling" ?

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Posted (edited)

The text editor reduces the resolution of photos, when they are imported, to something like 1000x800.




I copied a photo from above and it's only 167 kb, which is low resolution, less than half what it used to be.

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