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Seagull Sea Fury make-over

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Well , not so much a make-over as a build with a modified paint scheme.

I recently picked up an unstarted Seagull Sea Fury kit from a modeller who was giving up. Obviously these kits have been out of production for quite a while, and the kit is not quite up to current standards. For example, it has no electric provision (mounts / battery space etc) and no removable top hatch.  Danny F and others have some time back detailed modifications for electric and demonstrated that the model can be redone in other paint schemes.

So far I have fitted some HK electric retracts and oleos in place of the supplied mechanical units with wire legs. I have increased the wheel wells to take proper size wheels (3.5"). And repainted the model to disguise the  pretty boring and unconvincing film finish it came with. I have decided on a Dutch naval scheme and am modelling 860which was part of the 1959 Dutch Naval aerobatic team that used Sea Furies. I feel its a much nicer scheme than the Canadian racing colours supplied as standard. Eagled eyed will see I have the cowl on upside down  098 instead of 860!



Dutch Sea fury side.jpg

dutch fury underside.jpg

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Posted (edited)

Paul, this will have my Saito 115 4 stroke in it so it's not electric.  I was just making the point that it's an older kit made before Seagull adapted their designsl to be "electric friendly"

Mine will be glow powered so don't worry. You will not be alone!

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Firstly, there are notches in the upper bracket that locate over the oleo retaining screws. 

Second I will drill the brackets and oleo to take small self tapping screws to fix them.

Or I could just epoxy the brackets to the legs.

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