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Spektrum 2S - 7.4v Tx battery SPMB2000LITX Charging issue

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Looking for some advice, I picked up one of the above for a spare DX6 G2. I also picked up a charging lead,  2pin to + & - banana. Plugging into a charger and setting to 2S LiIo produces a no balance lead warning and no charging.


I did think of splicing a jack plug connector to the battery lead and to the socket hole in the battery cover but there is probably a simpler way.


Thanks in advance

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Hi Shaun,


Thought I had tried that but had another go, one charger still says no balance lead and the other says connection break.


Think i'll pass the battery on and buy a model specific one, cant be doing with the fuss.



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Unfortunately there is no charging provision within the DX6 for this battery, so a 2pin to banana cable is sold by Spektrum but neither of my chargers will recharge it, both identifying different faults

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