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What to build next??? (1st World Problem No76374)

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Hello Everybody,


I have too many models already; but my addiction knows no bounds.


I have a lot of kits ready to build and now I've completed the Swizzle Stick I am at a loss as to what to build next?


So here's the list; what should I build next?


Cloud Models Me163 Komet

Cambrian Funfighter Mitsubishi Zero (Partially built and put aside earlier in the year) Feeling guilty!

Tony Nijhuis TSR2 (50mm EDF) Never built or flown an EDF

Limbo Dancer

SariK Hobbies P47 Baby Bolt

Fatty Corsair from Famous Fat Fighters in Germany (A depron cartoon scale model)

Willy Nillies Crop Sprayer (sub 250g)

Willy Nillies Sioux (sub 250g)

RAF Se5a I think this is a dancing wings kit (Sub 250g)

Cloud Models Crescent Bullet (about 2/3rds complete but been sitting in the garage waiting for about 3 years) Feeling very guilty!

Joker 25


They all sound great, but which one?




Keith B


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Okay, I hear you and you are all right......so, unfinished models first. I picked the zero because it's here in the workroom causing the most clutter. Then I'll get back on the Bullet......... Then the TSR2


Thanks for your help everybody!



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