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Clevis Tool

Andy J

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On 04/05/2023 at 12:15, Ron Gray said:

I’ve got 2 more designs which I need to test and if they work I’ll publish those too.

Are you publishing all these designs Ron - would like to see them. The wee workpiece retainers for the honeycomb beds work a treat.

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Thanks Ron, yet to try them but they look good. Could have done with them yesterday as I was continuing to play around with my Playboy Senior which performed a vertical dive into the ground a couple of months ago. Yet to find the cause but did note that on loss of signal a small amount of down trim was present so have rectified that along with replacing the Rx. 

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43 minutes ago, Ron Gray said:

Well since I designed and made these things I have sold approximately 50, who would have thought? 

Indeed. They do work well and wished I had some at Buckminster yesterday**, so need to print another pair for my field toolkit.

**The old ways are not always the best ways 😉

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Thanks Ron, they arrived safely yesterday and tried them out in the evening just before flying. Worked really well, much quicker to use and safer too than the trusty screwdriver. I will distribute the other 9 pairs amongst clubmates. So cheap at a £1 a pair. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

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