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My Next Assembly ( The Trilogy ) Phoenix 60 EP

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There is another approach to your problem. You are trying to avoid having the inner part of the snake unsupported thus preventing it flexing with the subsequent lack of control ‘finesse’. So what you could do is to have a longer piece of wire fixed to the inner snake so that, in effect, most of what you see from the fuse exit to control horn is wire, not plastic snake. I have this on a couple of models and it works!

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Looking good Toto. Just a note now on setting up. We now have amazing computer radio for small increments of movement. But start off with all movement Trims at Zero. 

Set the travel now mechanically to have equal throw, left and right rudder, up and down elevator, and ailerons with equal deflection.

Lots of trial and error picking optimum holes in horns and servo arms.

Only then compute the finer requirements.

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I don't have a picture, because it was more than 30 years ago, but on the kit-supplied snakes with my Uno-Wot the issue with support for the control linkage  outwith the fuselage was dealt with by having a length of threaded rod about three inches long at the termination of the snake, which was then rigid, threaded into the snake inner with only just over an inch of protruding snake to permit the smooth movement of the controls. I haven't seen that before or since.

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Thanks again chaps.


Good information given in time to act. I will be looking at these exit holes as I am aware that the tubes bend when lining up inside the fuselage at the exit points.


I want to eradicate that and in doing so shall also probably solve at least part of the issue in getting the exit points closer to the horns.


Many thanks.



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