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Slow or intermittent access


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Anyone else having trouble opening the forum? For the last couple of days it either hasn't loaded at all or taken a very long time. I'm trying to figure out if it's my laptop that's the issue although other websites are fine. Mac OS Monterey - Safari.


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Reading is no problem, but I have the usual (for me) problem of posts either just not happening or taking the age of a little pig to upload.  Forums are useless without posts, so maybe this is something that should be looked into?



PS - Sod's law - of course this post uploaded instantaneously.  'Those whom the Gods seek to destroy, they first make mad...'

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Yes ..... really bad at times ......


maybe server maintenance with the host. I have had similar in the past with Go Daddy. .... maybe not.


sometimes clearing the cache can help if there has been a build up of errors etc. .... in other words ... planned downtime for about 30 mins and a reboot of the server.  check with the host.



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