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South Wales Valley Flyers looking to invite new members

Dai Fledermaus

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We are a small friendly BMFA affiliated club, situated a few miles north of Pontypridd, near the villages of Nelson and Treharris, within easy access from the A470
We fly IC and electric, fixed wing and rotary wing model aircraft from a private and regularly mown field which allows ROG take offs.  Surrounded by farmland it's available seven days a week. There is vehicle access and plenty of adjacent parking. 
We are currently seeking to increase the number of active flyers in the club and would welcome new members of any experience level as well as those new to the hobby. We have members available to assist new flyers. 
For more information please contact Email: [email protected]

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2 hours ago, Rich Griff said:

Hi dai,


Wish your site was much closer to me here in the north, just south of y wyddfa, pen Gwyn y bore yma...


From a now damp gog...



If you're ever down this way Griff, you'd be welcome. My wife is a Bangor girl, so she could translate. 😊

Hwyl fawr

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On 08/01/2024 at 12:41, Murph said:

Hi, I emailed [email protected]

about joining, but received no reply.

- Mike

I've only just noticed your post Murph. Sorry no one has got back to you. I can't explain it. Maybe there's a glitch with email. 

In the short term, You are more than welcome to turn up at the field. It's weather dependent of course, but there'll be someone there most Sundays and Wednesdays and more often as the weather improves. The gate at the bottom of the track, leading up to the field might look closed, but if it's unlocked, there'll be someone there. Please close the gate behind you. 

I notice Stubbsy has just responded to you, so we'll find out why no one got back to you. 

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