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Lidl Japanese Saw.

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Lidl has these little dovetail pull saws/ Japanese saw, in stock from March 3, with 2 blades 17 tpi and 22 TPI.  £7.99.

I can't recommend them enough. Absolutely brilliant for model making and larger jobs.

 I've had one for several years now and it's still very sharp. They don't seem to stock them very often, so I'm going to buy another.



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The items turn up for a limited time in the Middle of Lidl aisles usually on Sundays. Mondays or Thursdays. Like the slogan says When They're Gone, They're Gone and they might not be available again for a year or more. The Parkside tools are excellent for our purposes and if you keep an eye on what is going to be available and when you should be able to find them in a Lidl store near you. Just do a Google search for Middle Of Lidl and that will show you what is coming up.


Back when Lidl first started in England we would often need to be at the store, before it opened at 8am to secure a desirable item, as stocks are definitely limited and they have a short shelf life. Our local Lidl ended up having to restrict sales of fruit and veg to a certain amount per customer, because the owners of several Chinese take-aways in the area would be there at 8am every day and clear out much of the fresh fruit and veg, with better quality and keener prices than at the cash and carry. I think the last item I did a dawn raid for was the fishing tackle box that I still use years later as my flight box.

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3 hours ago, Graham Bowers said:

How does this LIDL specials thing work please? Not a shop I know. Are they likely to have a decent supply, or will it be like fighting for bog roll during corvid?

There is an on-line 'Parkside' shop here in France but that option does not appear to be Europewide - or available in the UK as far as I can see.

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