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Returning to modelling

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I’m setting about getting going again after a 20 year break, having been distracted by other interests. I’m planning on finishing the CF Phase 6 that I paused in 2002.

I’m self taught in the 1990s with many hours on old Aerofly simulator followed by a CF Middle Phase which I found to be excellent.
I see much has changed with the inevitable expansion of rules, competency tests, CAA regs etc!
The Phase 6 (semi symmetrical wing version) is epoxy glassed and ready for colour scheme plus sorting out the radio installation.

Looking forward to getting back on the hills (I’m close to the Clwydian Hills).

Any advice please on a good simulator, suitable with a PC interface with Futaba 6EX system, please?


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I have Phoenix 5.5 not modern not the best but I use the same radio on mine as you do.  Phoenix is obsolete but someone with a younger brain than mine will probably come along and tell you where you can download it.  I believe that can be done legally. 


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My personal experience and observation is that assuming you were at a reasonably competent skill level when you were flying previously, you’ll find that you’ll have little difficulty picking up again. 

Like riding a bike or learning to swim, the muscle memory seems to imprint pretty permanently.  A simulator is certainly good for initial learning and one might give you some confidence but I doubt that you would need anything special. 

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Hi Ernie,

Clwydian hills, lovely...


There will be a slope soaring club localish to you.


The Wrexham model shop closed some years ago now but I believe there is a model shop in the Mold area ?


Having flow ( and successfully landed dead stick many times ) from a slope before you will soon get back into the swing of things having plenty of time to practise, even landing approaches.


No fantastic 5 mins foamy or 15 mins glow joy before having to land, rather your batteries ( and your bodies ( fingers ) ) stamina, duration and ability to tolerate the cold !


Read up, prepare, research, check, check and check again, visit your chosen flying site, say hello, look, relearn but most of all Enjoy.


As you know slope soaring is many things, but most of all, a real breath of fresh air flying Fun !


The great orme and cilan headland ( abersoch ) is not a million miles away from you and a really good ( summers and winters ) day out in the fresh air.


Keep your wits about you on the slope. Discipline it seems can be lacking in "some" groups. Even though I tend to fly solo, I still shout out "landing" etc..





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Thanks for all the advice, links for the sim software and encouragement.

Forgot to mention I also converted years ago a Keli Kraft Chief to lightweight 2 ch R/C. It just needs the final R/C connections and fettling. I built this about 30 years ago as FF for my then young son (but he wasn’t interested!). I had removed the original tissue/dope covering and used Solarfilm - unfortunately this has gone a bit wrinkly with age. Hasn’t been flown yet in it’s converted state but I’m looking forward to a nice gentle summer’s evening flying. 




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