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My wife might be right! Maybe I do have too many Airframes!

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My son Byron grew up with both Grandads being modellers and most of my friends as well. when he saw my then brother in laws new garage he looked for a while and then said, shame you have no aeroplanes, you must ask my dad as he has lots! Byron thought all garages had aeroplanes in them! 

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20 hours ago, Chris Walby said:

Looks ok to me and well organised. My late wife supported me in my hobby as I supported her in hers.

Still not quite sure what to do with TJ?



At least model aeroplane don't keep going for 30 years!

My wife also had a horse, far more expensive and time consuming than model aircraft so she couldn't complain. 

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The only thing that would bug me if I had so many models that I couldn’t get anything done in my workshop. Luckily I can use my garage for model storage. It’s nice to have enough space to do projects. 

Having said that I find it very difficult to clear my bench . I guess part of modelling for me is saving bits and pieces for which I eventually find a use. When building kits I save the off cuts and always find something to do with them . Same goes with most materials . It’s quite fun recycling bits and pieces into repairs and new models. 

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My working planes "wall hang". The non operational are in the roof which by the way I personally insulated and boarded out. Interesting my contribution of old airframes only occupies a tiny proportion of what's up there!


There are two more full walls. 😁 

The original intention was that each could be unhooked and flown at a moments notice. Now "double stacking" means others may have to be moved first.

All foam and scratch built apart from the LIDL and Cheetah chuck glider conversions. All the scale types should be recognisable except perhaps for the silver and red one!

Thank goodness for a high Victorian ceiling and a picture rail.😉 

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