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  1. this sparked my attention but it seems the ARTF version by ripmax is no longer available and Im not really set up to build a full kit
  2. It was about 4 years ago since I last flew a model. I was aware there were some changes but not really aware of the details. But I thought I would go to a club and was sure they would bring me upto date
  3. my last model was an acro wot with a lazer 70 engine. unfortunatle I had a bit of a fly away the model went down into the trees and I could not find it. That was the last time I flew a model rc plane
  4. Both of those models are a good call. I don’t have a power plant in mind yet I sold my engines after a while of me not using them. I will need to investigate if nitro fuel is readily available. The shop I used to buy it from has since closed down . Electric might be the way to go
  5. thanks right model wronge place (As is usually the case with used models) collection from Wiltshire. it is a bit of a long trip from Belfast would grab it otherwise
  6. due to a change in circumstances I have not done ant RC flying for about 4 years now. One of my favorite models was a hanger 9 pulse xt 60 but it is no longer available. looking through a few websites it seems to me there are fewer ARTF models to choose from and the prices have gone up alot in that time also. Do you have any reccomendations foe a low wing sport model that will get me back into the hobby
  7. From the album: Val

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