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  2. Hi Phil, I set it up on the throttle output on the transmitter, in this case a Radiomaster TX16S, I guess most radios are capable of this. It's just like restricting the amount of travel a servo has (but I'm no expert!), cheers.
  3. Here's the quick build blog for my F16 foamboard RC plane, I posted the maiden video last week. Dead cheap and easy to build in a couple of hours. One A1 foamboard sheet, or 2 x A2 sheets. Cost a fiver at most. 2 x 2g servos, BR1806 motor, 10A esc and I used FS2A rx. My free plans are linked in video description. 2 plan versions, this one and a 20% scaled up plan, which should be a bit slower and easier to fly. Plus there's a full list of parts.
  4. What amazes me is when people rest the model in their lap with the prop in their crutch area and plug in the battery! It's all very well saying I have the throttle cut switch ON but try telling the ESC when it has a glitch and sends power to the motor despite what the Tx says!
  5. How/where do you do this Cliff? most modern escs use continuous training so will assume the last-highest throttle signal is 'full throttle' 🙂
  6. It's a brilliant idea Paul, simple but effective
  7. They don't, watch all the thieving that goes on, from a chainsaw to 20 cows, on Clarksons farm Kaleb arrived with a GPS on the tractor, and he took it straight off, he said that it wouldn't last 2 weeks without it being stolen. Ps, Ron, it's the President's Idea,( not mine ) he is a Gendarme and on the FFAM board, he asked around and that is what we installed.
  8. Hi Brian, from the time the problem started to landing and disconnecting was three minutes, after a further 7:45 seconds I reconnected the motor and it ran normally, (I've just reviewed my video) for the timings. I can try what you suggest, I'll need to charge the battery first though, cheers
  9. Sounds like its a low voltage warning and cut off. When you run the motor on the ground monitor the total voltage and individual cell voltages until the motor cuts out as suggested by Cliff.
  10. original receiver at rear and new one at front,original at rear was at front and the interfearance was on ele rudd ail.. Ele rudd sorted. so not receiver. Doubt if new receiver at front has any bearing on issue. All servos the same ,no apparent interfearance with flaps although I never tried to operate them at full throttle. Ail servo move to a position and stay there untill power is reduced No bec its OPOTO
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  12. Hi guys, the motor is a Tornado Thumper 4205/06 980w 800kv, the esc is a Overlander XP2 60amp, the battery a 4s 5000mah Turnigy Rapid with about seven charges on it (also used without problems in an edf). The beeps were continuous and fairly rapid, possibly two a second. The esc is on the bulkhead and is directly behind an intake hole in the cowl, the motor control is set to a maximum power of 75% to keep the amp draw to a maximum of 55 amps. The model floats around on about half throttle although I couldn't say what the amp draw is at this setting it must be pretty low, some of the time I'm actually gliding power off. All the power connections were made by me using 4mm gold connectors securely soldered and properly sleeved.the esc to battery connection is an XT90. I'll check connections.
  13. Plug a voltage monitor into the battery balance lead. Restrain the model then run it on the ground, with the same battery, for at least the length of time that you were flying it. If / when the fault occurs look at the monitor display, in particular at the balance of the cells. You might see that one has a significantly lower voltage at this point. If so, that indicates a dud cell. The voltages will return to normal once the motor has stopped for a short time. Brian.
  14. Sorry to hear that you didn’t have any success with the wiring changes. Another couple of ideas… I’m assuming that the front receiver has its own battery pack (usual for this size of model) and isn’t working off of the ESC if that has a BEC. If not, then try a separate battery pack. Have you tried swapping the front and rear receivers around, in case there is a fault with the front one? You don’t mention anything amiss with the flaps (which are on the same receiver). Are the aileron servos of a different type to the flap servos? If the aileron servos are easily removable, could you plug one directly into the receiver to see if the problem still exists? That could eliminate the extension leads from the equation. What exactly is the reaction that the aileron servos are giving? Twitching, rapid movements, or moving to a different position and staying there? Brian.
  15. Assuming it is a matching Thumper/Overlander system the sudden continuous bleeps would indicate a voltage supply problem: I'd very carefully check and possibly remake all the power supply connections & also the internal resistance of the battery.
  16. This is just the sort of idea that I was fishing for. Something that gets away from the usual chains and padlocks etc. Such a method as described needs a suitable building or container to be effective but given a bit of ingenuity could be altered to work in most situations. I guess the only hope is to slow down access to the 'goodies' and hope thieves move on to somewhere easier and at less risk of them being disturbed. Tracking devices are fine but a bit too late after the event - what about remote alarm systems - how do farmers secure their property that's spread over a wide area of their property?
  17. Somewhere on the Norfolk / Suffolk border!
  18. I hate to ask this Ron, but where do you fly? Don't tell me if you would have to shoot me afterwards!
  19. Which motor and ESC? And what arrangements are there to cool the ESC? Could be beeping to tell you that the ESC is overheating. Was there a pattern to the beeping, long and short beeps or pauses?
  20. So ..... my 2.5mm studding and clevises arrived... And some filler ..... And ...... Good to go and get moving again. Toto
  21. Yes the digit 6 needs a hammer to make it work.so that is a 160 amp esc. Radio gear is Spectrum DX9 with dsmx 9ch 9020 receiver with 2Satelites.plus ditto driving ele rudd at rear of fuz withe seperate battery. 110 MM Stumax fan, In a 2meter long Aerotetris L39. Tried changing servo wires to all twisted and adding ferrite rings. Still have problem at full throttle
  22. hi Ton Any chance of a plan or drawing of the DB Raider. Best regards Trevor
  23. Yup, followedf this thread from the start. There's also a huge amount of scope for detailing.
  24. A funny thing happened yesterday flying the vintage Mercury IV. I was four minutes into the third flight at about 100ft (fortunately) when the motor started to let out loud beeps and stopped working. I still had servo control so, with the motor continuously beeping, I managed a reasonably good deadstick landing. About five minutes passed as I retrieved the model back to the pits and removed the cowl to examine the esc, the motor was warm and the esc not as much. I reconnected the battery and the motor now ran as normal. The battery still had 60% charge. The motor is a Tornado Thumper bought new for the model, as was the esc, she's flown less than ten flights. The beeping noise is usually associated with a connection problem between the receiver and esc, so is this a clue I wonder? Any ideas guys, should I try a another esc?
  25. Great job Thomas , what motor are you going to use? Mine will fly around no problem on half power on the suggested set up. One of the other Beta testers Rich was going to try some 'standard' props rather than use the emax drone prop. His thinking is it may be more efficient for our application. Not to long Steve before we can formate again! Hope you get to your patch in the next few weeks Ken.
  26. With the exception of Paul, with his clever security system, Al, others have said is that their security is by means of padlocks, security cameras, wheels off. All of these are what your average thief would expect to find so where’s the issue? In fact it could serve as a deterrent if I also added that our site has security guard dogs on the loose plus a series of lasers that project beams around our container which, if broken, automatically set off the alarm in the nearby guard hut, local police station and cause the close proximity electric fence voltage to be increased to 1000v. The high level floodlights are also triggered together with the anti vandal spray equipment that runs for 10 minutes creating a surrounding cloud of really smelly gas that, when in contact with human skin or body heat, attaches itself and forms a layer that needs at least 10 washes to remove, in fact to reload the system we have to wear hazmat suits to protect us. The system is so clever that it is not triggered by the aforementioned guard dogs Dick and Dom.
  27. Put it this way. If I were to describe the details of our security arrangements online, and members of our club committee or executive were to read it and recognise it, I’m sure they would not be amused.
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