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  2. laserengines.com is working fine with me 🥳
  3. THANK YOU Thanks for all of your positive inputs! I just mailed off my application for membership to a big RC Aero club that is about a half hour drive away. I see the point of getting involved with a club early. It may well keep me from buying the wrong stuff, or stuff I could get at a swap meet. Perhaps I will meet people there that can mentor me through the many equipment choices and build techniques. The new club may talk me out of learning to fly with the BTE Flyin' King, but I do plan to build it over the winter anyway. RADIO I will wait for my club involvement of course, but I have been eyeing a Spectrum DX6e with a telemetry receiver. It has a wireless trainer link. Getting altitude displayed on the transmitter sounds cool, as well as the ability to tie in a GPS unit onto the communication bus. I have no sound process to select the capacity of the receiver battery, I am guessing 2200mAh, based on 6 standard sized servos drawing 1.5A(?) average worst case. From what I read it is process best done by experience. BATTERIES I am attracted to the LiFePO4 chemistry, and smart Spectrum batteries and chargers. I know the club's field has stations for powering chargers. COVERING I've been playing around with a color scheme for an UltraCote covering. My current favorite is attached below. I don't want to exceed 3 colors. MOTOR MOUTH I'm probably exceeding the boundaries of this post area (in length and subjects), so I'll cut it off (but so many details are involved with the first time RC build!).
  4. I’m sure the Flying Squad won’t see taking on any spot checks as part of their duties but woe betide anyone involved in an incident that comes under the spotlight if they aren’t compliant.
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  6. As above, are you sure the card is formatted to fat32? No knowledge of Qumox, I only use SanDisk and have never experienced an issue.
  7. If the 180 is not enough i would look for a 50cc 4c. The Laser 200 , The Large Enya's and Saito at around 40cc don't seem a big enough increase for the extra £s Unfortunately the rang of 50 cc 4c is small. Valach have one at £1500. Gaui have one at £1000 but there are questions , Enya have a one at .... a lot! Is Laser's www sight still down, or is it me?
  8. Hello all ! The speed brakes are going to take some time i'm afraid... I made the servo support from alu T profile .It took a lot of fitting before i was happy with it ! It will be screwed on the hard wood support but the screws (M2 )will go into the little back-up plate under the wood for better grip . The little pin on the end goes into a wing rib. The gap on the right is to let the servo wire trough. I love this kind of Jobs! The brakes are next !
  9. I have a problem with static. Maybe its the nylon content in the carpet but after 3 paces from the PC to the printer I frequently quite a crack when I touch any metal part on the printer. I fear for the micro SD card if the discharge occurred over it so I now always touch the vertical lead screw (I know that is earthed) before inserting the card. I have had the printer more than once fail to read the card despite CURA writing to it successfully. So far reformatting the card and reloading the STL has proved successful. I am sure it is only a matter of time before the card will fail completely.
  10. I can see this is an old thread but dies anyone still have the dxf files and plan for the built up wing? Unfortunately the link provided doesn't work.... all the best Mark
  11. Q21 is four, maybe five questions in one. With explanations required. So it needs several answers and lots of words to explain. Q22 is two questions in one. With explanations required. Here's a video of somebody (in Australia) flying a model aircraft. Trying to write a definition of what a model aircraft is, is a hiding to nothing. It's the aeromodeller flying something that makes that 'something' a model aircraft.
  12. I spent 30years as a copper in London. When I joined we went out of our way to leave a clean list for the next shift, zero outstanding calls. We dealt with all the calls we could and went out and did our own stops and generated our own arrests; demand was different then. There were no Mobile phones in the 1980's and 999 calls were rare. People did not get offended on social media and cry "Hate Crime!" When I left 6-7 years ago, the lists of outstanding calls for help, each day, for each division, stood at 50-100 calls each and every day. The calls would be priorotised on an emergency basis, which meant I would spend each and every shift racing to the next most urgent emergency. No time any more for motorists doing red lights, shoplifters, petty thefts, minor punch ups etc etc etc.........I am ashamed to say Policing in this country is smashed to bits and there is now so much demand and so few coppers actually answering calls, that as long as you dont kill anybody, nobody is coming to enforce stupid, complicated laws about our "toy planes". Are witnesses and suspects going to hang around for the 6-7 days it will take for coppers to arrive? All of this legislation is not only flawed it's unenforceable. It wont stop a single bad actor, or catch a single criminal who wasn't already breaking the existing criminal law. I hate it! I want to fly my toy planes freely and safely without government interference. KB
  13. Also nice to see the names of fellow forum members at the time of the build.
  14. Wow, thanks Ken, I could have built the PC from your exellent write up. Congrats. I may have missed it, but the position of the CoG was not mentioned. Any chance of a recap please Ken ? Thanks
  15. If you read the consultation, at the bottom of page 27 it says about the implementation of geo-awareness and geo-fencing- 'We do not expect the requirements to apply to Model Aircraft (including C4 UAS), privately built UAS or C0 UAS without cameras' Agree, as the proposal is not to apply geo-awareness and geo-fencing to model aircraft.
  16. Q24 is "Do you agree or disagree with our proposal to implement geo-fencing for UAS?" (not for model aircraft). How can you say agree?
  17. I despair of the BMFA. Q21 agree, disagree, disagree and lots of words. It's a single question. One answer. Q22 agree and lots of words including this gem "The definition of model aircraft is whatever an aeromodeller decides to try flying that day.". What?
  18. 23 and 24 are the CAA proposing to not enforce Geo-awareness or geo-fencing on model aircraft, which we agree with as it is disproportionate.
  19. I had two memory cards that I used in turn to transfer print files to my printer...one lived in the PC and the other in the printer - then the printer control board failed to read either of them. So I bought a replacement PCB and fitted it. It still failed to read either card which definitely had files on as I could read them in my PC. I put another memory card in it with an STL file on it and it read it perfectly. Printer working and all was well but I never found what had happened to those cards - which still worked fine in other devices. I tried reformatting in every format that could conceivably be read to no avail...
  20. Well on first look through it I am largely in agreement with the BMFA / LMA responses. The response makes a good case about the number of reported UAS incidents and how many of those were model aircraft, however I would like to know out of the reported incidents how many were actually confirmed as being UAS and then how many of those were model aircraft. I will have to read it again but I don't see why the response is 'Agree' to both 23 and 24 if in each case it is both impractical and disproportionate.
  21. What capacity were the other cards? It may be that the Ender will not see sdxc cards or the formatting is different, is the new card formatted to fat32?
  22. As my existing Micro SD cards are pretty full I purchased an additional card. The card is QUMOX 64GB, it seems fine at receiving STL code from Autodesk Fusion 360 to and transferring the sliced object from Ultimate Cura to the card. However after inserting the card into by Ender printer, the menu says no card present. I have repeated the various operations a number of times. I have formatted the card, repeated the various operations, with the same result. Looking at the 😧 drive content, both the STL and G code appear to be there. Rather than delay what I am doing I have ordered a same size (that is GB) Scandisk. Still would kike to understand the problem and fix it if possible.
  23. Hi Rich, Yes, this would have been about 1993/4. As I recall it was £2.60 for two bearers posted! I don't understand the relationship between Precedent and SLEC. I assumed Precedent was a trading name for the kit manufacturing part of SLEC, so when people talk of Precedent going bust or closing down, yet SLEC continued to produce some of their designs, I'm baffled. Roughly where are you based geographically? There is also this MK2 HiBoy in Clevedon: Mk2 HiBoy in Clevedon If I see any Hiboy kits that aren't just a box of offcuts, I'll post them here.
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