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  1. Another recommendation for the Easyglider - it's a marvellous model and it thermal soars better than it has any right to. Agree completely with adding some stripes under the wing to help with visibility. The Easyglider rigs very easily with nothing more needed than a friction fit of the foam wing roots onto the fuselage and wing tube. It's very simple to knock up a wing bag from plastic foil-backed insulation wrap for hassle free transport to the field.
  2. Couple of very good tips there - thanks so much for that. Taking the staples out of the edge of the PETG sheets is a bit of a pain on my frame, and reducing the internal volume of the A3 sized vac box to increase the suck is something I'll definitely try.
  3. It's a discussion forum. Nobody is asking the OP to comment on, or take part in any discussion on the topic and the question which the OP asked has been answered. This is a fundamental aspect of a discussion forum as that relates to thread ownership. IMO, the instant a second person replies to a thread then that becomes a community resource and the fact that an individual started the thread isn't all that relevant. It's a bit different if it's a build thread, but for a general, run-of-the-mill thread [ such as this one - then that should be a community-based discussion.
  4. Or indeed this one. Courtesy of RAF Luton.
  5. You're a lucky man - that is high quality skip-diving.
  6. leccyflyer

    Ender 3

    The spare nozzles are well worth keeping in stock - I paid less than a tenner for 24x genuine Creality brass nozzles in mixed sizes just a few weeks ago and replacing the nozzle instantly cured an issue I was experiencing with inconsistent flow of the PLA.
  7. I've had success with wooden plugs, like those featured in Pat's pictures, with plaster of paris -multiple pulls possible with care - and latterly, most surprisingly, with 3D printed PLA plugs in my vac-former. I don't think either pink or blue foam would stand the heat required to make PETG or similar workable enough to make a good canopy.
  8. Yes, I think you're right - I decided to leave them off my Komet.
  9. Thanks Paul - she's a beauty.
  10. That's a nice Stuka - any details?
  11. Display of the swastika isn't only prohibited in Germany - both Austria and France prohibit it's display, though there are exception related to historical context, filmmaking and museum use. A model distributor which is selling it's products in Europ will often take the safe option and omit the swastika from the supplied markings, rather than needing to go to the trouble of separate packaging and contents for different countries.
  12. I've not replaced the tubes in the same fittings, but can confirm that comparison of the new LED lights with the old fluorescent tubes is like comparing night and day - they are superb.
  13. As Paul said, the existing members may have an investment in the assets of the club and the joining fee is often put there to facilitate joining members investing in the club. The reason for applying a joining fee to lapsed members is to aid in the onerous task of collecting the club fees, where there will invariably be some members who leave paying their subs until the last possible moment. The existence of a modest joining fee ought not be a discouragement to joining a club - relatively speaking this is not an expensive hobby, club fees are typically nowhere near what it would cost to join and maintain a membership in a mainstream sports club.
  14. Please no, that was an awful format IMO, with the space to present the actual forum content completely squeezed and restricted. Adverts at top and bottom, or even between posts can easily be scrolled past and the screen is maximised to be used for what people come here for.
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