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  1. Right.so my annual subscription says family version, Office 365. Word, Excel etc. Do I need to keep paying this ?? Albert
  2. So I have windows 10 on a HP laptop, and pay a Windows annual subscription. Will that have inbuilt anti virus ??. Trying to ditch Kaspersky: up to £40 now. Albert
  3. Before I start this next build, how can I cover the Scale section undercambered wings. ? I'm a fan of food and nylon; not I was going to try Diacov heat attached covering for this one. But, unsure of the wings ?? All help appreciated. Albert
  4. Thanks boys. Found it, silly me.😁
  5. Bought a couple of rolls for the next model. Never used this before. There didn't appear to be a backing film on this. Looked on their website, no info on how to use it at all. Temperature of iron or any thing. Not used film much before. Any help please ? F Albert
  6. You know my happiest time at shows.??.1970/80s Sandown and Plumpton with good old Dave Bishop.......
  7. Some translation of real Doctors notes. D B, S, B. D. don't bbother soon be dead N F N normal for Norfolk
  8. My sincere regrets. I've been flying at our field for 40 off years. Heartbroken if we lost ours....
  9. I take it that as the LMA are advertising Sleap for next July, Cosford is a no go again ??. Anybody know why ?? Loved Gosford weekend........ Albert
  10. Thanks Kevin, I don't know how it flew (deceased club mate). Maybe a 64mm can would be enough. Never flown edf before.
  11. That's much like I did on mine. 1/16th ply rad shutters over litho plate front. I cut holes under the shutters to aid cooling. Albert
  12. If I was told; 'you have one more build left before the grim deal's it would be the Flair SE5a. My own ( number two ) is still flying. . I have one kit left.
  13. Thanks Simon. I was thinking of 6mm Depron replacing 3/32 inch ribs. 62 inch scale twin. Fully sheeted wing. ??
  14. Guys Not into foam for building. Still balsa/ply. But can see the cost advantage of say, using foam for ribs. Anybody else done/doing this. And what type of foam would work best. Regards Albert
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