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  1. worth keeping for spares, or sell it as spares. I would buy it for spares, just in case.
  2. Well an update on my RCV 58. a few days after it happened, contacted Weston UK, and they had them in stock, think it was around £8. Put it back in, and the engine runs fine. Put it back in it's box, where it still is now. Reckon if you give Weston UK a call, they might still have them, and damage is probably only your con rod. I actually updated 7 years ago, and video of it running, don't believe it was long ago.
  3. Was in Steve Webb's this morning. Apparently, Alex visited SWM on the Friday the day he passed, and no indication what would happen later on. Such a shock, really. You understand when someone gets ill, but this was out of the blue.
  4. Went to the service today, 27th July at 3:00pm . RIP Alex will be missed.
  5. I knew Alex very well, well he certainly knew me! Strange to think when I spoke to him last, know what we talked about, the day (at Shuttleworth), what he was doing(Having tea in his command module) before going away to another venue the next day. Also his voice, what he sounded like, but that is no more, all the past events and meetings that Alex and I had, are now living in my memory, with me until I depart this world. Makes you think about mortality - do this whilst you can, you never know when i might end. Alex did, always busy, till the last...
  6. Less than a week to go. Best show in the world!!!! Best trade in the world and swap meet!
  7. Although not modeling, Tim Hunkin which some will know from Secret Life of... has his Youtube channel which is interesting as well as engineering. (although he does use rc plane bits in his projects).
  8. Not been on here for a long time and forgot about this forum... I don't fly 35mhz now, though kept a few JR MAx 5's, the JR X-347 and couple challengers for nostalga, with a few rx, but sold most of it. I was on the Southern Models stand both this year and last year, and quite surprised how many we were selling. David had quite a few of most makes and they were selling, much to my surprise. Though they worked, I still would not trust a plane to a 20 plus year old piece of electronics, as they are not made anymore, and reliability won't be improving over the years, the opposite.
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