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  1. If I get a model without an engine, or build one, then I can use an engine I've got. Especially as they are not made anymore and cannot be replaced. It's nice to know I've got them and a nice warm feeling that they are there.
  2. Finished a Precedent Fly Boy off. Had a box, plan and 2 years ago, someone gave me parts to build the Hifly glider and also a fuselage, tail for a Fly Boy, but no wings. Easy wings to make, so clear the workshop and at least build it. Now finished and has a Thunder Tiger .20, as a .15 might be bit under powered, and in the picture shows the same engine/exhaust. Finished the same colour scheme as the Hifly, if I had built it originally in the day.
  3. He could at least offer free delivery! The cheek!
  4. I must be rich, if my engines are worth £500 each, then i'm a millionare!!! I have nearly 2000 engines, and the photo is only the unboxed 2 strokes, with over 500 in boxes, plus the models as well. and a few more 4 strokes without boxes not pictured.
  5. I still have mine, but need a new canopy/ Anyone know where I can get one?
  6. I was given just the fuselage kit at a swopmeet. Building the fuselage now, just the fuselage as im missing the wing and the tail. but building it so that its there and get enough details to build the wing/tail later on.
  7. Sea Fury done, electric, 6s . 4500mah battery and ubec system.
  8. Finished the E2k Wasp off and flew it - bit tail heavy, needs lead or move the motor forwards.
  9. The Vector board has 3 settings, Off/Stabilized/Smart Mode, Smart mode is like spektrum SAFE , though ideal for launching, not good for flying, as you need full sticks to do a 3 mile turn. Stabilized is for general flying, or off.
  10. Bought from Ashbourne last weeken, as someone mentioned here, I will be posting a pic: Tuccano, Super Tiger G91. Quite light and may replace the engine with a OS FX 91.
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