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  1. If using a petrol engine DO NOT use Karbonite gears - even says not to as the resonance from the engine can shatter the gears. A digital metal gear servo is ideal...
  2. WXE engines? The seller doesn't know, though as he reckons a re-badged SC (Sanye) model.
  3. Luckily I've got loads of engines and more than enough for my lifetime, and there a loads out there still ok, so even though 99% of model engines aren't made anymore, still can get them at least for a while. OS, Saito are the last main 2 of glow engines, now, OS only do a fraction of the range, but still.
  4. I've got loads of Mutunuc 61 and 65,s but until now not a .46. Seemed the 40 and 46 were only available in USA. this one was for sale here, brand new, so I got it.
  5. I'll use a 2700 4s, so no lead is required and useful weight, probably 1 min of extra flight.
  6. Radio Modeler Gigolo by Dave Ridgeway (who I used to know and the actual model he built for the magazine) .
  7. never heard of a OS46FXi. different like half way between a FX and a LA.
  8. Slowpoke from Hobbyking, first order for years. Can tell the quality is same as Xfly.
  9. So,with regarding to my first order with Hobbyking in several years, I ordered on Wednesday night and 2 days later the package arrived ok. So, looks like it is working and no problems. Main thing at the moment are the electric retracts, which are very hard to get , and always were hard to get in the UK..
  10. Hobbyking sold/are selling items that only they supply, such as their models and retracts. Not really taking trade away if the trade doesn't sell it!!! Did have trouble years ago on the first order - long story and bought loads of stuff after then,but since closing europe a few years ago, never ordered, obviously. Still have an account, so, today as the new UK warehouse has opened again, ordered a few items: Durafly Slopoke 3 x Turnigy TX cases in 3 colours. a test to see if HK are ok, and paid by Paypal... I don't expect any problems, as been ok in the past.
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