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  1. Lovely evening yesterday two of us took the opportunity to fly our 1/4 scale Fokker DR1`s........
  2. No word on the condition of the pilot several hours later, that is never a good sign sadly...........
  3. Yes deffo a Priory Silhouette, my go to electric flyer is a Silhouette. Nice fliers, got an unbuilt one in my stash as well .
  4. Auster built from the large Airsail kit and finished in an interesting scale colour scheme from the England to Australia Air race, this was entered by the RAF. Good all round condition and all the servos are in it plus the fuel tank and rx battery though that would probably need replacing, it was fitted with a glow engine but i was going to convert it to electric which could easily be done as the top engine hatch which is in black removes and the battery would slide in where the fuel tank goes. The wing struts remove very quickly and the two wing halves plug into the fuselage so it is quick to rig at the field, the airframe is also very light for it`s size so would easily fly on a 3s battery pack. Collection from Spalding in Lincs, sorry i won`t post it. Price is £75
  5. Got mine yesterday as a present the wife, had a good rummage in the box 😁 but it will not get started for a while as i am finishing off a couple of other models and am busy with my classic car and Trackdays this time of year.
  6. I have just bought one of these DR1 kits from SLEC, how is yours progressing Graham, i would be interested in some pictures and thoughts/advice on the build process.....
  7. Another model maidend this morning, that is four in the last three weeks, shows how bad the weather has been up till recently! This one is a ModelTech Nutten Special, engine is a Laser 100. Flies beautifully and i think will become my go to Sport hack if flying a fuel powered model, my Priory Silhouette fulfils that roll in electric models, this has a similar look about it but is quite a bit bigger.
  8. Two planes got flown for the first time today, plan built GeeBee Model E converted to electric on an E-Flite 60 and 6s lipo and my second Flair DR1, this one has an OS120 4 stroke fitted. Today was one of those top flying days, sunny, warm and close to no wind topped by being lucky enough to own and fly these lovely scale models. 😁
  9. Lovely weather for a few sorties with one of my Flair Triplanes, three flights and all down in one piece, will test run the engine on the second one in the morning, if that goes ok it will get some air under it`s wings tomorrow afternoon.
  10. How much weight does the sound system add Richard? Any chance of a video flypast with sound system on 😁
  11. In for a 109 next winter, particularly a B of B E, i will place my order now.............
  12. Keith you and me both, anything Japanese, so rarely modelled but the colour scheme and weathering options make them real standouts in my eyes. I am going to be building a foamboard and depron Sally and a Yokosuka Floatplane once i have another couple of projects out of the way. KI-61 options on schemes take some beating.
  13. Finally got the maiden flight done on my Flair 1/4 scale DR1, i have been waiting for the wind and rain to ease and the grass at the strip i do my maiden flights on to have dried out and been cut, the track across to this strip has been unpassable due to the standing water for several months. A bit of a hurried session as the full size gliders here were getting ready for a day of thermal hunting so only the one flight but it was enough to tell me i need to add a bit more weight to the tail end to counter balance the Zenoah 26 mag engine up the front. Full up elevator trim was needed which didn`t quite give hands off level flight, 36g more lead has now gone on the tail end, i think more will be needed but i will try it like this first to see how much up the up trim i can remove. Thoroughly enjoyed the flight once i had sorted the trim out (needed a bit of right aileron as well) and to cap off a good first flight i managed a greaser of a landing, not always easy on these Trip up Tripes i`ve been told, left with a smile on my face. Next job is to work on the silencer to try and get down to the noise limit at my other club, i have some ideas and if they work out i will post on here to help others overcome the problem.
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