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  1. Very nice looking model, science will definitely come into most replies methinks, common answer seems to be give George a bell at 4 Max, he recommends set ups and I believe his websites useful for helping choose them. https://www.4-max.co.uk/ https://www.4-max.co.uk/recommended-setups.htm
  2. Couldn't say power wise on the engine or model, personally I would be looking to achieve a balanced model without the use of lead, have no idea re weights on a 180 or 120/150.
  3. Simple thing to put a No Smoking/Vaping sign at the entrance, should have been there from the onset.
  4. I'm a veggie and tea total, they should ban meat, I don't want to smell of that muck or sit with drunks. I do smoke though but wouldn't in a enclosed space with others, that would be ill mannered.
  5. There was a new poster/member waiting to be approved, our fault so apologies all. Didn't know it held a thread in limbo, but do now. 😉
  6. First thing I did in the early days, was stiffen my sticks, helped me feel the centres better.
  7. Glad you're sorted PDB, been there, done that.
  8. Have asked Admin, to look into why you've no message option Doc.
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