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  1. Both the Kavan and the JE starter are good buys, apart from price the only thing to consider is the switch, one is thumb operated the other is via the finger grip.
  2. Underneath, where your fingers grip, a nice slim starter.
  3. On price yes, I have one of these, very good. https://www.justengines.co.uk/shop/accessories/starting-gear/jen-geared-starter/?v=79cba1185463
  4. Some balsa kits here Hooch. https://www.rapidrcmodels.com/balsa-kits-to-build-273-c.asp
  5. I would be happy to cast a vote Ron. I like both choices, but the Rascal wins for me, it'll be a complete build vlog built the way I like building myself, plus it's a very pretty model. Rascal.
  6. Hi Hooch, starting out in model building/flying can be bewildering, what to buy, what to build, and it's very easy to spend money on unsuitable stuff. Best advice I could give you is to go visit a local club a few times, and see stuff in it's element and speak to people face to face. To start the journey you need something stable/docile, there are ARTF trainers out there and plans to build one as well. Arising Star is one. https://www.horizonhobby.com/on/demandware.static/Sites-horizon-us-Site/Sites-horizon-master/default/Manuals/SEA1000_manual.pdf Plans you can find here. https://www.sarikhobbies.com/product-category/model-aircraft-builder/model-aircraft-plans/rc-model-aircraft-plans/
  7. Well I've picked a team out, that was a challenge in itself. 🥴
  8. Well said, in other news most people hurt by modelflying propellors fly aeromodels. You could cause damage to the trade that supports us and the BMFA et al, think what you post.
  9. Got told yesterday 3G phones to be phased out this year, would the sim card in my phone work with a 4G phone ?
  10. Tail or headwind would effects I.C Martin, you're just more conscious of it now.
  11. Very interesting topic. One which gets some people holding strong stances in favour or against. Over population ? Yes it's a fact, so is what that population does whilst it's on the planet, cherry picking ? Steam and coal brought great change, anyone in any doubt it brought problems as well ? Pollution was horrendous where I grew up, rivers open sewers air quality, you could see it and taste it over any pit village or large industrial citys/towns, anyone doubt that changes that came about improved things ? Tall buildings any different to wind farms ? Can't see wind/solar/water being described as clean or free myself, cleaner and better for the planet I do see, emissions reduced by not burning I see. Tyre residue ? My cars I.C It's tyres wear.
  12. Advertisers do and always have painted a pretty picture, they do and did on I.C or any other product. The Emperors clothes comment exists for some minds, but not in the EV owners minds, they do point the disadvantages out, dyed in the wool I.C advocates focus on these as attack points, they're your Emperors clothes. Subsidy ? Diesel (I.C) had it in spades via Zero or low road tax, I'm astounded you missed that. Maybe the arguements bigger than the depreciation on value, you have to start somewhere, unless you believe it's all a conspiracy ? Elephant in the room ? The human race.
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