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  1. Do we need the not so subtle digs at each other ? Your clubs your business. Our club has increased it facilities as an ongoing project and will continue to do so, we charge no joining fee, but we do care about our club and do invest in it.
  2. Some guesswork going on ? I've never met anyone who thought they'd a right to join our club, met many who asked if they could join, fair number of our members belong to more than one club, used to do the same myself, chance to fly in different surroundings with a different group of people is all I see, plus numerous clubs getting a financial lift. Closed/limited memberships ? I can see the logic in that if you've external pressures and want to protect your club/field. Actions have consequences though, model shops, BMFA and our future need new members coming to the hobby. Pressures in the South ? Yep, rest off the country has the same pressures believe it or not.
  3. When I joined our club, I learnt that the members had put a lot of time and hard graft, also a fair amount of money into turning some scrub land into a flying field. I paid same fee as these people and it remains that way today. New members keep my fee low, they help pay to get grass cut that I use, they help do the work that gets done, and they're the future of the club when us older ones turn up our toes. Combination lock, change it and non payers can't dodge their fee. Late payers ? existing members pay full fee no matter when they pay, unless there's been working away or problems at home preventing their attendance, then the treasurer usually welcomes them back and knocks sumat off.
  4. Post removed, topic doesn't need dragging downhill by personal comments please.
  5. I would sooner judge a pilot on their merits or lack of. B cert to fly X,Y or Z ? not for me ta, it has inbuilt flaws regarding the matter.
  6. We still going ? I'm easy myself, try not to get worked up about nowt, add may have helped up sales, I like the mag/forum what's best for that works for me, as always opinions may vary.
  7. Well done fellas. Same old for me, rubbish. Ferrari need to go look for a plot during the break, shambles.
  8. One team has dominated for many a year recently, I'm the King of DNFs, 5 again last race.
  9. No, just like the racing to be competetive, dull when one dominates.
  10. Dunno, but it would be good if 3 teams were in the battle to win.
  11. We had stuff at the sides when new forum came live, no one liked it.
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