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  1. Whey hey I finished it....... for anyone interested. **LINK** thanks to everyone who watched, liked or subscribed....... new project soon! UM
  2. He is going to be lucky (or she but I imagine it’s probably going to be he) strange thing is I don’t know who it’s going to be because I didn’t make it for anyone in particular i made it because i love making things I’ve never made before and I’ve wanted to make a 1989 Batmobile for years.  Edited By the unmagnificent man on 02/12/2019 07:12:39
  3. Hi guys, well my latest project is just about finished. Unlike my planes this will be used although I’m not sure by who yet. I noticed that lots of people from this forum showed interest so I’ve come back to give you an update photo (I hope) and a link to the final build video. There will be another video when I find a Batboy to test drive it. Sorry can’t seem to get my photobucket image to work so here’s a video link...   Video link. **LINK** Edited By the unmagnificent man on 01/12/2019 17:27:11 Edited By the unmagnificent man on 01/12/2019 17:28:41
  4. Hi guys, a quick update photo for those of you not subscribed to my YouTube channel.... UM aka Know Expert **LINK**
  5. Hi guys, I’ve just been reading all the replies and have to agree that it’s sad that I have these beautiful planes and can’t fly them. my excuse is that whilst building the beautiful models I was flying my trainer, then moved onto an ARTF Messerschmitt 109 in preparation for the Hurricane then onto the Bf 110. I had lots of successful flights with my 109 and just before moving on to the Hurricane I decided to upgrade the motor in the (underpowered) 109 to equal the Hurricane. At the same time I acquired a Mustang. On the first Mustang flight I realized I hadn’t cut enough space around the engine and it overheated and stopped....... I couldn’t get it back and it went in nose first behind trees.... I went back to the 109 and for the first time in 100 flights it failed on take off and that too went in and was beyond repair. I’d repaired the Mustang and so tried again but my poor pilot skills together with nerves resulted in a crash on landing........ it was at this point I decided to build a boat.......... Hurricane and 110 still on the shelf (build blogs here on this forum) Oh and thank you if you have subscribed to my YouTube channel via the link in the first post I need all the help I can get. UM
  6. Steve...... yeah, I built that over 10 years ago (OMG) I just realized how long ago... ouch! It’s now waiting until I retire and then I’ll try again. But like the title says 'better builder than pilot' I managed to run it along the runway, it lifted into the air vertically and I panicked and shut it off..... crash! It just needed better balance and pilot and I’m sure it would be great....... I hope you are going to watch me finish the Batmobile...... new video every 5 days. UM Don. The boat took 8 months to build, it has adjustable seats in case someone has short legs. One or both people can pedal at the same time. The back is removable and you can fill it with all your gear for a trip. Me and my daughter took it into the sea near our house and we happily pedaled for an hour and a half....... great day! thanks for the reply! UM
  7. Hello everybody, wow it’s been a long time since I was on here but that’s only because I’ve been busy making stuff..... all sorts of stuff except model aircraft! I can build them ok but when it comes to flying I just fly my trainer and the beautiful models collect dust on a shelf. It’s a big shame but it’s the building that I enjoy best. As well as planes I built a dolls house, a rocking horse, a workbench and my last project was a 2 seater pedal boat with propeller. http://s121.photobucket.com/user/shux_photos/media/Boat/63C4E35D-3AEA-4937-BF7B-642E8A28D21F_zpspns2vtwt.jpeg.html people always ask if I make build blogs and so I direct them to this forum to see my planes but apart from those I don’t have any other blogs..... until now! My latest build is a child’s ride on 1989 Keaton BATMOBILE I designed it myself and expect to finish it within a few weeks (4-6) here’s a sneaky peek http://s121.photobucket.com/user/shux_photos/media/Batmobile/3AF6F92C-3766-45F6-BBD0-857B44B2B1CE_zpsrzk0udp0.jpeg.html if you like Batmobiles maybe you’d like to see me making it? If so click this link and check me out on YouTube before returning to this marvelous forum... oh and if you do I’d really appreciate a 'like' and appreciate even more if you subscribe. thanks in advance, I hope you like what I’m doing...... happy flying UM         **LINK** Edited By the unmagnificent man on 30/09/2019 17:54:29 Edited By the unmagnificent man on 30/09/2019 17:59:31 Edited By the unmagnificent man on 30/09/2019 18:06:05
  8. I ended up placing adverts on here in the classifieds and also on my local sellers site in France. Both are free to advertise and open up the market to people interested in model aircraft. Let them run and see what happens....... Since I stopped flying I started designing and building model boats (UMM ducks out of the way to avoid being hit by rotten fruit) one thing I noticed that is massively different to aircraft moddeling, apart from the obvious is the fact that if you buy a model aircraft ARTF for example and you add all the necessary components to make it fly, then even if you do a good job it's never worth anywhere near what you paid for it. Whereas with model boats you can sometimes get very near the price you pay and if you do a particularly good job you can even turn a small profit! Obviously not including time spent. Then compare that to something like rocking horse making and your hard pushed to lose money even though in my opinion it was far easier to do than any model boat or plane I've ever made. If the market here in France was as demanding as the English market I would consider making them alongside my job until I had enough orders to do it full time. Why don't I export them then. To get the best prices you need to be a well known name so you have to start cheaper, that plus transport costs kills it. Saying that making them all day every day takes the fun out of it! UMM
  9. Item now listed in classifieds on this site...... Why didn't I just do that in the first place
  10. Ha ha great, it's the first time I've seen the magnet aircraft but I did see the 'flat' DD&M when making mine. I tried to get mine as 'scale' ..... Unmag has a little laugh........ As possible. In the photo the plane was fitted with an SC 25 two stroke engine but a problem with cooling made me change it to electric...... That's when my problems started. Not knowing anything about electric motor setups at the time lead to a trial and error (more error than trial) period which saw my flying nerve diminish as I just didn't want to smash it up. Now it's time to pass it on to more experienced people and see if they can complete my idea...... Let's hope. Al
  11. Steve asked do I still have the plan. Well yes but it's really just a side view and wing design with the intention of adding details once it flew so there is not so much detail as it never got finished Peter ha ha the only sane one among us....... Leave it well alone it really is odball, but just imagine if it did fly at the club. It gained more attention when it was just on the ground than most aircraft that flew at the clubs I took it to. As for the ballast weight I almost had it with just the stick and wheel so a small lead pigeon about 10 cm in front of the main undercarriage together with the original ballast of motors and batteries false engine cylinders could suffice. Maybe even a slightly heavier pigeon could even reduce the amount of lead behind the prop (fixed to the bulkhead not the prop) and therefore reduce overall weight? As a person who enjoys sculpting then once I get told how much ballast the pigeon needs to weigh I could sculpt one from wood and make a mould for a lead version. Just a thought...... More as it happens. Al
  12. Hi Guys and thanks to all for your contributions, comments and suggestions, and a big thanks to Steve for posting the photo. The plane was made literally from a plan I drew from my avatar, hence a tail fin that is possibly? Too small and wheels too close to the CoG. Any changes could have spoiled the overall look of the plane. It's a long boring story of illness and mishaps as to why I never got it in the air but now it's going to go to someone who has the experience knowledge and the best list of professional contacts in the business so I'm sure it'll get in the air one way or another. I can't wait for that day........ More news as it happens..... I'll keep you all posted. Al
  13. Unbelievable, item cancelled because it was in the wrong catagory....... Which eBay chose for me and didn't allow me to change as someone had bid!....
  14. Wow I copied and pasted it :272701582423 that's what the eBay item number is for me. I don't understand what's wrong. I hope it all gets sorted out.
  15. hello to all who read this thread. a good few years back I built an aircraft that only a handful of people of a certain age will recognise. Im talking about my 'Dick Dastardly and Mutley' aircraft. Did it get off the ground? Yes! Did it fly? Well er no, not really. In brief.... The short nose didn't allow for much ballast, it kept nosing over. So I tried it a little tail heavy. it ran all of 2 metres and made a dive skywards........ Like a numpty I panicked and closed the throttle causing a quick return to terra firma. Light airframe damage but loads of nerve damage meant a re design. A re think later and I came up with a wheel on a stick that stopped it nosing over. It was my intention to add a Yankee Doodle Pigeon to this and hide the wheel........ However, an accident with my 109 followed by an accident with my trainer followed by illness followed by my club being bought by a BMX club meant 2 years not flying and no more confidence! Roll on a few years and I have a shelf full of planes I don't fly any more. This Dick Dastardly model was a personal favourite of mine as I designed it and at the time (not sure about now) it was the only one of its kind. Now here's the deal...... I want this aircraft to have the fame it deserves and I am willing to pass it on to the right person who can make the finishing touches or changes to make it fly! Why didn't I do it? Well I almost got there but then with the confidence drop and the illness I just haven't got the nerve anymore to fly planes. SO.... If Tony Nijhous David Ashby or any designer builder connected with RCME can promise me they will adjust and fly it then just email me....... Why connected with RCME? Well, I want to be sure I'm passing it to someone who will have the capacity to correctly adjust the model, fly it and get the results in RCME for all to see and not just someone who fancies a free plane just to have a mess about with when the time arises! Hope you all understand.... Email me..."
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