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  1. Hi Rich, I didn’t make any templates as it’s quite a straightforward build and design. It is the mark two version and I’ve got the leftover sheet panels in the box which could be drawn around. I’ve also recently got hold of a sorry looking Mark 1 which is fairly sound and just needs a fuselage strip of the solarfilm and re-covered. The bottom panel on the front of the fuselage needs replacing where a battery or something heavy has punched itself free. Looking inside at the construction and also the tail/fin design, there is a visible difference. The wings are also sorry looking at the tips but removal and replacement of some balsa facing sheet should put that right along with a re-cover. No noseleg and no main undercarriage. So new ones required. A bit of time and materials hopefully will restore it to service. Just need to get round to doing it. Having read a number of threads on the forum regarding the Hi Boy, it seems to have been a good but heavy trainer in its day.
  2. I have completed an old Precedent Hi Boy II. It’s a 3 channel kit I picked up and I’m surprised at how heavy it feels now fully built. The dihedral ply braces were missing from the kit. So, I’ve guessed the brace angle for ailerons and built up the ailerons from sheet balsa as solid balsa was too expensive an option for this build. Everything looks okay with the wings now completed. For those interested, I made the brace angle the same as a Thunder Tiger Classic Trainer. it will need a 40 motor as a minimum as it’s so heavy. I’m going to cover it in blue solarfilm that I have in stock to match its little brother, a Precedent Fly Boy. I’ll use a “new” old Enya 40 I picked up to power it. As a matter of interest, anyone know the dihedral on the aileron wing? Also how heavy did a typical build turn out?
  3. Thank you to all who attended and made it a great success. It was our first swap-meet and from everyone’s positive feedback, we’ll be doing it again next November. Thank you to all the individual traders who came along. Tables and tables of fantastic stuff and lots of happy faces. I was really surprised at the distance many had traveled to be with us. thanks for doing that. It will be great to see everyone again next year.
  4. Found a photo of my Fly Boy. Hopefully it can be seen to have a wider width fin profile by 1 inch. Height remains the same so as not to mod the rudder. Increasing the width made a difference for taking off. I had spare solarfilm left over from building it, so the mod looks original. Hopefully the photo uploads. Last flown in 2021 with a Magnum 25. This model still on 35Meg.
  5. Just spoken to Martyn Wharrie who will be bringing older F3B glider stuff and a slope soarer for his table. There will be a YMAS Club table with the usual type stuff too including some airframes. I think one of them is an unflown Skyways Chipahawk with cowl. Also, a sorry looking Hi Boy (mark one) that needs a repair to the front lower fuselage sheeting, a tidy up and recover. I know that there is a bit of a following for these and this one is worth getting back into the air. Tea and coffee along with biscuits will be available at the swap meet.
  6. The York Model Aircraft Society Swap Meet is this Sunday the 19th November 2023 and doors open at 09.00 am for buyers. Those selling, can set up from 08.00 am. Tables are £5.00 and General entry is £1.00. Swap Meet ends at 12.00 noon so packing up from about 11.30 am onwards. Venue is the Wigginton Recreation Hall (YO32 2LL) in Wigginton, near York. Details are in the calendar section of the RCME forum and also on the BMFA Northern Area Website.
  7. My Flyboy after the modification to enlarge the fin area, flies really well. It had an old but good OS Max 20 engine and was adequate but an upgrade to a Magnum 25 made it very lively. Still on Futaba 35meg for flying. Use low rates on rudder to stop it trying to do a roll on take off. Normal rates in the air. I kept the rudder area as on the plan and it’s fine. Do not use the light ply supplied for the engine bulkhead even though it has engine bearers. A heavy arrival or take off mishap, will punch the tank through the soft material. Face inside of the former with ply or make a replacement ply former.
  8. York Model Aircraft Society are holding a swap meet on Sunday 19 November 2023 at Wigginton Recreation Hall, Wigginton,York. Postcode is YO32 2LL. Easy to get to from the York Ring Road. Details on the club website, ymas.org.uk or contact [email protected] or see the BMFA Northern Area website events page. The SwapMeet is from 09.00 to 11.30 and tables are £5.00. General admission is £1.00. Tables can be set up between 08.00 and 09.00.
  9. until
    York Model Aircraft Society November Swap Meet on Sunday 19 November 2023 held at Wigginton Recreation Hall, YO32 2PL between 09.00 and 11.30. Entry £1.00 for buyers and Tables £5.00/table For more information contact [email protected] and visit our website, ymas.org.uk Wigginton is about 3.5 miles north of York and can be reached easily from the A1237 York Ring Road.
  10. Thank you leccyflyer for getting back to me. Have a good day at the field.
  11. Hello, I’m looking to source a plan for a West Wings Toucan in order to carry out refurbishment. The build instructions would be useful but not essential. Canopy missing along with front hatch. Could do with the plan to see balance point and general layout. Any thoughts on a suitable brushless motor and prop size along with any improvement that can be made. Thanks.
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