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  1. I have a Hobbyking UK order arriving today and it includes lipos. I was prepared to receive it after lockdown was over but the order was processed quickly. Edited By Andy Hat on 17/04/2020 09:53:27
  2. Gorilla glue (the brown stuff) is amazing. Essentially the same as the expanding epoxy foam that you can squirt around door frames to fill large gaps. It's good for repairing foam models that have become crushed because it expands to fill gaps. BUT you need to be careful - it can expand a LOT. You can easily cut it when dry though. Overtime it becomes more yellow so may need painting. Don't get it on your hands - it's a swine to remove. Gloves are good...
  3. This is my J60 with Hobbyking Tundra Wheels. Slightly too big but they had the balloon look I was after, and really add to the suspension.
  4. A 3dlabprint Spitire. Flew great until I tried launching it from a dolly rather than chucking it. The result was a lot of broken pieces. Must make another...
  5. Andy Hat

  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CF2812-E-Max-1534kv-39g-Brushless-Motor-Outrunner-Small-Plane-UK-Seller-/141298994022?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10 This listing has some good info too. You'll need a 3mm prop adapter and some bullet connectors. a 7x4 or 7x6 electric prop (for 3 cells). Smaller batteries will probably have a JST connector, so you'll need to solder one to the ESC: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/JST-2-Pin-Connector-Pair-Plug-Socket-Battery-leads-Red-Black-Wire-300mm-UK/264094914612?hash=item3d7d489834:m:mOFmgvLkn8LJ5pRFO960kcA One thing to look out for - the grub screws that hold the motor to the mount are best replaced by longer 3mm screws which are threadlocked in. The grub screws have a tendency to loosen. I have used many of these motors - cheap and powerful. Ideal for planes of this size.
  7. I like the cheap Emax CF2812 for models like that. https://uk.banggood.com/EMAX-CF2812-1400KV-Brushless-Motor-for-RC-Helicopter-p-906310.html?gmcCountry=GB&currency=GBP&createTmp=1&utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=cpc_bgcs&utm_content=lijing&utm_campaign=ssc-gbg-all-newcustom-0822&gclid=Cj0KCQjwsYb0BRCOARIsAHbLPhEPY00f507R41HpckZl-FeRWq3exLJDbG9jn6RratPpwzTpASIhEu8aAsjOEALw_wcB&cur_warehouse=CN Or the CF2822 if you want to run a larger prop. a 20a ESC is fine, with a 2S or 3S battery.
  8. One tip - put nice blob of hot glue over the connection of the aerial to the board.
  9. Go for it but range-check, range-check, range-check (and check under power and all angles too, those tiny aerials...). Stick to -official- FrSky receivers - I have learned this from experience... You can remove the receiver casing from a standard RX to save space and weight.
  10. What I can't fathom is why some Hobbyking products are so short lived. e.g. some of the foamies like the Durafly Junior) which looked like my Junior 60 here). They seem to produce them for a only a short time, then discontinue them. With the high initial costs of designing/producing molds etc. Surely this can't be very economic?
  11. Andy - try www.rapidrcmodels.com for the Hobbyking covering (which is excellent covering). If a Hobbyking alert triggers, you'll need to react to it fast. Rapid RC and a few Ebay sellers buy stuff up very quickly.   Edited By Andy Hat on 29/12/2019 12:41:21
  12. I have a Ben Buckle Super Scorpion kit ready to start. I'm keen to get the battery as far forward as possible, to minimise any nose weight, although it looks like I'll probably need to add some, going by the short nose and my experience with the other vintage models I've built. I'm looking at using a common 2200mah 3S battery and could possibly have it slide in horizontally under the motor, or slide in from underneath the model, vertically behind the motor. I'd be grateful to hear of any suggestions regarding making it electric powered.
  13. Hi Peter, How about something with made from "alternative" materials? One of the first planes I made was your Blue Movie 2 - remember that? Made of Correx - flew great and was virtually indestructible (very suitable for me at the time). Perhaps correx, depron or some stuff you can get from B&Q cheaply? (I'm a big fan of your Flying on a Low Budget book)
  14. I flew it yesterday and it was great. No trim or extra weight needed. My problem now is learning how to get this plane down. It just didn't want to come out of the sky. Very pleased!
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