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  1. Thanks for the information Robin. I've recently made contact with Josh Finn of J&H Aerospace USA and they may be a possible supplier of the required materials/modern plans. I also checked your suggestions on the Outerzone site and found them interesting too. Indoor Micofilm modelling is certainly very popular in the States with many of the disiplines taught and encouraged through school science activities. Thanks again for your input. SW
  2. I'm looking for suggestions please for suppliers/contacts in the Uk of this type of specialist model? Many suppliers are in the USA but the delivery costs exceed the price of a typical complete well tried model kit.(e.g Kits at about 35 dollars but delivery 50 dollars!) In anticipation Skippers Walker
  3. I'm looking for suggestions please for the best suppliers/contacts in the Uk for this type of specialist model? Many suppliers are in the USA but the delivery costs exceed the price of a typical complete well tried model kit.(e.g Kits at about 35 dollars but delivery 50 dollars!) In anticipation Skippers Walker
  4. I believe that Chris Foss will may supply a plan for this model that could help you? He sent me a copy for my part built Multiphase last year. (original plan lost years ago!)
  5. eBay offer a myriad of suppliers of nuts bolts and many other fixings in small quantities of all shapes and sizes. Suggest that you try there. SW
  6. Brilliant comments thanks. That settles my friendly argument with a colleague.....I had supported the 'flange at the bearer' idea, thus preventing the over tightening issue discussed. Happy flying SW
  7. Please settle a friendly discussion about whether the little metal inserts provided with some servos, should be inserted from the base of the 'rubber' mount or the top (screw entry end) All comments welcome? SW
  8. I tend to agree with most of the responses on this subject and discharge any used or fully charged battery to a 'storage level' (about 53% on my charger/discharger). I've never had any marked deterioration in the batteries during several years of use."If it ain't broke don't fix it" I guess? Cheers SW
  9. I've purchased and used a number of Corona Servos in recent years with absolutely no operating issues. I always trawl the market to check for a seemingly reliable supplier and prices before ordering. UK and Chinese suppliers are numerous on the internet. Good luck SW
  10. You are right Matty, at last the penny has dropped in my rather tired brain. I used your suggestion of setting a high value in flap switch position 2 (fully down). When moving the switch to flap down position 1 (half flap), the corresponding elevator movement does appear to be 1/2 the value at position 2. A straight line! I'll certainly look at using P.MIX 4 programme (preferred by Dave Greer), at some stage and experiment with the results from various inputs. For simplicity's sake for now, I'll fine tune the achievable settings using the FLP-ELE MIX and carefully fly the model at height and try to find a happy medium for the two Flap down positions. Thanks again for your guidance, very helpful Happy flights SW
  11. Thanks again Matty. Re the current mix response that I've achieved; with a 'Rate' set at 15% I appear to get a small elevator down movement in flaps down Pos 1 (about 1/2 flap) and at full flap Position 2, the elevator down movement has incrementally increased ...possibly to 15%?. I'll have to experiment more. The folk that I fly with are predominately Spektrum users and therefore the programming on their TX's is quite different to Futaba's approach. I do find the manual for my R/C kit written in a tad Chinese/English at times. The old and limited Fleet system mixes were all achieved with manual slider switches in the rear of the TX Such is progress. SW
  12. I now begin to understand Matty. I've just tried your suggestion, setting 15% as a nominal down elevator mix to Flap down position 1. Without touching the 'OFFSET' setting I appear to be getting a slightly increased down elevator mix when selecting full down on the Flaps. I haven't quite figured out what effect changing the 'OFFSET will have. At present the values in offset visually change from -100% (-100%) when the flaps are fully raised, -100% (0%) at flap down 1 and 100% (+100%) when flaps 2 are fully down. I apologise for appearing rather dumb about all this but the T6K is my first modern TX since graduating from a Fleet 35MHz system from the 1970's! I'm approaching 80 now and a bit slow in absorbing the modern tech but very willing to keep trying. Thanks for your patient explanation about the issue. Thanks also to the other folk for their well intentioned offerings about my question😁 SW
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