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  1. There were two English holiday makers who visited our club last year. Each showed their BMFA insurance and we let them fly. If they are only in the country a matter of weeks we would not get them to register with the FFAM, pass tests or anything of that sort.
  2. I assume you mean, "If you are French or have French residency status," and yes, flying in France is pretty civilised!
  3. Thank you gentlemen for such interesting and informative responses. In the event yesterday's flying session was something of a wash out. I did not build this model, as I explained in the original post, I bought it in an estate sale. To replicate the real aircraft's external cables running to the rudder and elevator there are two short pushrods operating bellcranks which move the scale external bellcranks. The gentleman who built the model used a normal steel clevis at one end of the pushrods and a plastic clevis on the other end, the type which has a small brass screw coming in from the side. We found out at the flying field yesterday that the little screw was no longer tight against the pushrod and that as a result I had no elevator travel. Just as well we found the problem while the model was still on the ground! I propose to change the pushrods and make up a Z bend on one end and use a steel clevis on the other. This will involve removing the lower wing at least and to do this I will have to undo six bolts and twelve cables so I've set that job aside for the moment. Regarding the use of 4.8 or 6 volt NiMh batteries I am aware that some Futaba servos prefer 4.8 volts, ( four cells) and that there have been reports of 5 cell batteries destroying servos. I have read a spec sheet of the FP- S128 which states that the servos are good for 6 volts but, as has been posted above, this may refer to the later servos and I don't know how old mine are. I am not sure whether I have a 4 or 5 cell NiMh in the model but it has flown satisfactorily for at least seven years albeit only three or four times a year. Because I'm going to have to take the model apart to replace the elevator and rudder pushrods, there's not much more work involved in checking the rx battery. If it is a 5 cell battery I will replace it with a 4 cell battery just to be on the safe side. I have a couple of sound 4 cell batteries which will do the job and I can use the 5 cell battery in another model.
  4. You are supposed to register every model seperately but it's been so long since I had a new model I've fgorgotten how to do it! We've never had anyone come and inspect our models. BMFA members' insurance will cover them when on holiday in France.
  5. Before retiring to Cental France, I bought several gallons of Synthetic Based fuel from Southern Modelcraft. This fuel contains 15% synthetic and 2% castor oil. I still have several gallons left. I am using mainly OS and Laser four strokes and so far they have run well on this fuel. The only two stroke I am running is a Thunder Tiger 46 PRO in the club trainer. This engine seems to run well on this fuel too. Am I storing up trouble for myself?
  6. Starting to take shape. Nothing has been glued to the fuselage. The tail plane and fin are simply wedged in place. The tailplane was built with one spruce and one hard balsa spar because that was all that I had in 3/16". It requires the tip blocks to be glued into place. Wings next!
  7. Jeff is a very competent engineer. Check out his, Messing About With Mercos" thread here: https://forums.modelflying.co.uk/index.php?/topic/40374-messing-about-with-mercos/&tab=comments#comment-714639
  8. We were burgled twice in the first two years of my membership but since then we've added shutters, bars and a steel door to our club hut and so far no-one has got through those. As for the grants, a few years ago the local mayor was hosting a meeting of all of the mayors in the Department of La Creuse which is the equivalent of an English county. This meeting included the Mayor of Mayors and we were asked to put on a flying display. Instead of being some dour local government officer, the Mayor of Mayors was an attractive lady perhaps no longer in the very first flower of youth, picture below. While everybody else was flying about doing fancy aerobatics, I plodded about the sky with my Junior 60. I walked over to the lady explained how the transmitter worked and handed it to her. She made the usual beginner's mistake of moving the sticks too much. Once I'd convinced her to make only slight movements she continued to fly the model for several minutes without any input from me. We gave her a certificate in the evening. We do this to all beginners who have a go on the sticks! Since then we have received 150€ each year from the Department!
  9. I find this very interesting. My annual club fees in central France are 64€ or about £54. This includes insurance with the French eqivalent of the BMFA. We have a tarmac runway, running water, 12V electric lighting, a WC discharging into a new septic tank and a solar panel for charging LiPos. We have installed an electric ring main which we connect up to a generator when needed. We receive a couple of grants from various local authorities amounting to 650€ each year. However, we derive most of our income from the sale of drink! We have a selection of alcoholic and soft drinks which may be purchased at 1€ a time. A yellow sheet is kept in the club hut with everyone's name on it and when anybody buys a drink or a round, he records how many drinks he's bought. This is totted up at the end of every month and members pay the treasurer at the beginning of the following month. Combining model flying with alcohol is not a good idea but they do things differently in France. It would not have been allowed at my last club in England. There we flew from eleven am to four pm, then we went down the pub!
  10. I have been told that the club at Westonzoyland in Somerset is full but I don't know whether its true neither do I know whether they have a waiting list.
  11. Yes I changed the markings of my No 1 Baron for this very reason.
  12. I know what you mean Nigel but if you make too many changes, is the model still a Guidato? I have good stocks of balsa and no immediate plans to build another model which would use it so I'll carry on.
  13. My uncle's neighbour chose to change the appearence of a model aircraft. That was his choice. If I ever build a WW2 German aircraft I will finish it in British colours. That will be my choice.
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