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  1. Remember you also need a remote ID module if you are flying outside of a recognised site with a model over 800g.
  2. Unless you are regularly flying at full throttle for long periods I think you will be ok - remember that 18.75A is with a fresh pack, it will only get less as the battery is discharged. Also remember that the prop "unloads" in flight anyway, meaning current draw will almost certainly be lower (pretty much always true unless the prop is stalled during static tests which can give you some confusing results). Re: the motor burnout point, obviously you can look up the max burst and continuous currents for the motor if you can find them, but those figures are often unreliable. Instead for the cheaper brushless motors most of us use, then (assuming installed in a standard "tractor" model with average cooling) go with the 3W/g rule of thumb. For your Eyelash that means that if you motor is anything less than ~70g it is probably likely to be under stress at the wattages you are flying at, though obviously it is influenced hugely by cooling, flying style and throttle use.
  3. OK, gotcha. It is threads like these that make me glad I don't use one of the proprietary OS radios - doing what you want to do here would be so much easier on OpenTX, EdgeTX or erSkyTX (or the proprietary Jeti or ETHOS for that matter, but then they have both taken considerable inspiration from the Open source firmwares).
  4. Sorry, but I think you are a little confused on this one... If you want to configure flaperons, you must have both servos on separate channels and utilise mixes; you can't use a y-lead. This is universal truth, irrelevant of the radio brand used.
  5. We discussed this only a few weeks ago - search is your friend...
  6. A quick Google indicates somewhere between 43-50mm back is what others are using... https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2360052-FMS-Fox-Glider-V2 TBH on a dead straight wing like this I would jsut use one of the many good calculators online, they won't give you the perfect position (only flight testing does that) but they will always get you close enough to validate if a manufacturer has made a mistake or not... https://www.ecalc.ch/cgcalc.php
  7. I would be wary of relying on RTH in the context of a relatively lightweight thermal glider. Sure, it will point the nose in the direction it came from, but if you are in a big thermal (where the best exit is normally at 90 degrees to the prevailing wind) or the direction home is into a headwind (which it normally is when thermalling thermalling as you will have followed lift downwind) then RTH is unlikely to help much. One of the main skills of thermal soaring is judging how far downwind you can safely go before you need to return to find the next thermal; over multiple flights you will learn that (with the odd land-out!), but RTH is not really going toh help you with that. PS - If you are really worried about your eyes you are better off just going for a larger machine of 3m+ (with a 3 piece wing) that you can see better.
  8. Let's wait to reboot it in September, it's a bit early at the moment to consider this "building season" in my book!
  9. Interesting - that's the one that no longer exists, right?! The very fact that the amount is in $ shows this is a not a transaction with a UK entity. I think I'm going to pop them an email to find out more...
  10. See my previous comment. When you buy from HK you are not transacting with a UK entity, so VAT has not historically been applied.
  11. It is never the purchasers job to “sort out” the VAT! Either it is paid at the point of purchase to a VAT registered seller who pass it on to HMRC, or if it’s a direct import by the buyer VAT id collected (where applicable) by the shipper based on the paperwork provided by the seller. The key question is where are the goods being sold from? Did the email say that, or did it give any example items that only became available after the old UK warehouse was shut?
  12. I think there is an element of truth in that, coupled with the fact most people have busy lives and would prefer to fly themselves when they visit the field rather than teach others. Ultimately though it is probably a bit short sighted - as the demographic profile of most traditional clubs ages inexorably it seems to be getting harder and harder to fill positions and get maintenance done. Be careful what you wish for...
  13. Based on HK's current and previous practices, I that would appear to be a pretty big assumption... I have still never seen a single HK invoice with a VAT line.
  14. Random question... In a concerted attempt to get some of my own fixed up for 2023(!) I am thinking of relaunching this in September - do you want a new thread guys, or shall we just continue this one and ask the Mods to update the title and post #1?
  15. Place your bets for the HMRC view on this one....
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