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  1. EGB 953

    Idle issue

    Thanks gents, going to try that.
  2. EGB 953

    Idle issue

    I acquired a lovely Mk1 Acro wot with an OS46SF. The engine runs well and the top end generates good power on an 11x7 prop. However when I reduce throttle to idle it really doesn’t like to reduce RPM it takes a long time to slow down. When it is idling if I use the trim to slow it down it just quits. Changed the plug for a new Enya 3. This improved the top end but same issue at idle. Makes landing difficult as the plan just wants to keep flying. I removed the carb and cleaned it out to ensure no issues. Is my idle screw too rich? She runs up to full power responsively and with no issue. any thoughts on possible issue? I also replaced fuel tank with brand new one and it is close to spot on level with carb.
  3. Thanks, I have sourced one already but that’s a great spot.
  4. Thanks, I measured the gap between the mounting holes and it is 37mm. As luck would have it I have found a silencer for an Irvine46 that fits nicely.
  5. Thanks! Will browse this afternoon! Good to know there’s a fair bit of standardisation.
  6. Good morning! thank you that is very helpful, I will measure up and get in touch with them. What are the advantages of the specialist ones? Better engine performance?
  7. Just acquired a lovely first series Acro Wot from a gentleman who no longer flies. All looks in decent nick, except for the silencer on the OS46SF engine, which is missing the rear casing - it apparently fell off in flight some years ago. it doesn’t seem that easy to replace, in looking at the manual an OS873 silencer is specified but I don’t seem to see many of those available. are there other options? Are silencers fairly standard or do you have to go with one specified? Do all engine types have different sizes or would the silencer for a more recent OS 46 fit?
  8. Later today I will start covering the wing on my build, using Oracover. I plan a two tone scheme with the base being creamy white and the wing tips and LE in sky blue. Having not done very much wing covering in years, any top tips on critical do’s and don’ts? My thinking is do the bottom side first but don’t shrink till the top side is covered. Any other advice?
  9. Finishing a Ben buckle style 25-30 size plane with a wooden engine mount. Unsure on two things: 1. Should I use wood screws and attach directly to the mount or bolts? 2. Should I use those brackets/plates (not sure what they are called) as opposed to attaching engine directly to the wood? I like the idea of the brackets as you gun make small adjustments to engine alignment. Any advice much appreciated, I haven’t used a wooden mount before.
  10. can i confirm the deadline for responding? Is it 10 January? I will update my clubmates.
  11. Sorry, this may have been covered and it is a looong thread. has the BMFA taken legal advice, if so, from whom and have they considered some of the EU human rights legislation related to privacy and proportionality? Just asking.
  12. This is a fantastic forum - to have access to the collective wisdom of you all - it is greatly appreciated.
  13. This looks a pretty practical option and your explanation is much appreciated. getting two elevators to be perfectly aligned might be very difficult though, any suggestions on how i might go about it?
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