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  1. When training rookie pilots who come along with a vintage style model, I always find there is a tendency to zoom up and stall when too much throttle is applied, speed build up in a turn or from an inadvertent dive. This is a hindrance to the ease of learning. The best and easiest trainer I have tutored with was a Vmar model whose name I can't remember but it had a symmetrical section wing which was immune to the zooming effect.
  2. When it doesn't arrive, he can always blame it on his "friend". I see how this works.
  3. I find the best way to set up the jig is to draw a centre line the full length of the fuselage on the base of the jig. With a compass, mark out the width of the fuselage at various points along the centre line. Set the brackets to the outer edge of the ark drawn with the compass. This way you can be certain it's always symmetrical about the centre.
  4. There's a product specifically for coating foam models... Deluxe Materials Foam Armour
  5. DG Let's say the distance from the firewall to the back of the spinner is 150mm for example and you need 2° side thrust. tan 2° = offset/150 Therefore tan2° x 150 = offset tan2° = .035 offset = 0.035 x 150 = 5.2mm
  6. The way to work out the offset of the engine mount is to measure the distance from the mounting surface to the back of the spinner. Using simple trig you can work out what 2 degrees amounts to in terms of offset. 20mm sounds like too much to me.
  7. I should add that I have used the metal insert out of a 3A multi block screw connector with a fibre washer to insulate it from the body of the plug, the wire screwed into the other end. Works well provided you can get to the screw to tighten it.
  8. They don't seem to know what they are selling. Not sure what an OSMAX 761 is but it sounds like the read the part number on the silencer. Some of those engines would make a lot more on the BMFA auction, a chance for some enterprising bod to make a killing.
  9. That's why it came with a warning that it must be used with a throttle fail-safe.
  10. Before gyros became the way to do it, Ripmax had a version of this that I fitted to a camera plane so I could take stills without camera shake. It worked really well. This unit was demonstrated at the Sandown show where the pilot lined up the plane and held the Tx over his head and the plane landed itself. The one shown doesn't seem to have a sensitivity adjust input.
  11. Mid to high end Futaba transmitters have a long lever sprung 2 position switch for buddy operation. I rest the switch on my index finger with the weight of the Tx to hold it in trainer mode. This makes it much easier to allow the trainee to complete a flight without interruption. It might be possible to modify the Tx by changing the button for a similar sprung switch.
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