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  1. Fair comment! I was a bit surprised just how much discussion the post has created. I did include a very small diagram in the video of cells in series and tried to explain where the balance lead is connected, but as you say, some confused comments. Just wanted to show folk that one dead cell doesn't necessarily mean you need to throw away a lipo. 😉
  2. I know the way they are wired in a lipo thanks, I have built and repaired a good few lipos. I just didn't know how the ports were wired in my charger.
  3. I'm very guilty of speed watching, scrolling through, we all do it! I actually said in the video that had it been the centre cell of the 3 it would have been more of a pain of a job! Luckily as it was the end one it was easy to peel it off, re-solder the neg wire and put an old scrap 2s balance plug on. If balance socket leads are commoned to each socket I'll try using the 3 plug next time.
  4. I saw online that once a lipo has gone as far as zero they cannot be revived. 3.65v is less than 10% but I've done it from the low 3v mark. Worth doing for a little bit of work to have a useable 2s 800mA I reckon. I don't like chucking stuff away!
  5. You never said you opened the pack up and resoldered the pack and bypassing the dead cell, you made it sound like you only removed the balance lead.Sounds like a pain to save a few pounds. Did you actually watch the video? 😉 You can see I rebuilt and rewired the pack after removing the dead cell? Pain in the ass for some, but I enjoy messing with stuff and OK, it saves a couple of quid too. As I said, people are posting telling me they already do the same thing. My video was intended to be educational, but each to their own!
  6. Of course they're wired in series in the pack. I took the end one off the series, so it was two good ones in series. And the balance lead and power lead attachment points needed changing to suit a 2s not a 3s. I am a qualified electrical engineer too as it happens 😉 It's not daft and on other groups people are telling me they already do the same thing if there's one dead cell in a pack. Please tell me what's dangerous about it?
  7. Good question. Mine has 5 slots for balancing leads. It certainly senses the voltage on the power lead to see if it's with acceptable parameters for the settings you have chosen. I doubt I can plug a 3s into the slot with one dead cell and tell it that it's a 2s. More importantly there was zero volts across the power lead, so it just said 'low voltage' and wouldn't work. My charger doesn't display individual voltages either?
  8. I was thinking after using the blade a plastic spatula would be safer! I just went very carefully 😉
  9. Plugged into my charger and because one cell would not allow current to flow through it the power lead showed zero, charger said low battery, and didn't want to know?
  10. I was testing an FPV tx the other day and like a fool forgot to disconnect the lipo until a while later. Put a meter on it and it read zero! Quite a recent 3s 800mA. I was not pleased. Checking cells I discovered that in fact it was only one cell that had gone to zero, two others were showing 3v + . I tried unsuccessfully to kick the zero cell into life by charging as NiCad, at NiMh, but it stubbornly stayed at zero. Reluctant to bin it I salvaged the 2 good cells and turned it into a 2s 800mA. Here's how
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