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  1. Brian, it looks fast just standing still! What motor and LiPo did you fit?
  2. Welcome to the forum Arthur. What do you fly and what part of the world. Do you build from kits/plans too or do you prefer ARTFs? I hope you find the forum to your liking. Have fun.
  3. I think you are getting your spars and ribs mixed up Toto, which makes reading this a little confusing at times. Incidentally, for (rib) cap strips I use cyano. A dot of glue one end, make sure it is positioned correctly, then hold in position while you glue the other end. Thin cyano wicks along the length of the strip. You don’t need the wing pined to the board and a lot quicker than pinning and using aliphatic. Just don’t glue your fingers to the wing!
  4. ‘FW109’. We know what you mean! 🤣
  5. My own take on it is that 4S would be the ‘sweet spot’ using that motor which potentially could give you 700-800W with a suitable prop without frying the motor (hopefully). More than enough but you don’t have to fly it like you stole it, you have a throttle! You could give George Worley of 4Max a ring and ask him for advice on which set up he would recommend. You don’t have to tell him you already have a motor, besides he might recommend another. 😊 At the end of the day to some degree it is about how you want the model to fly. Just check with a Watt meter before you commit aviation that you are in the right ball park.
  6. Toto, you ordered a couple of 14x7 props for your Quantum motor, (as recommended by Kings Lynn Models). I just wondered if you will have sufficient ground clearance with that sized prop, bearing in mind the Force46 prop range is 10x7 to 12x6? Perhaps you might consider lengthening the UC a tad, if so. Just looking ahead! On the Quantum motor spec sheet it suggests a 12x9W (presumably W is wood?) Might be worth running the figures through e-Calc or find a friend tho can. I guess you will be running it off a 4S LiPo?
  7. So a pretty major change from IC to leccy, having installed your engine. Not a criticism but what is your thinking behind the change? Just curious.
  8. Please put me down for a Tempest please Richard. I hope Graham is not sitting around drinking tea too much, there is a Tempest to build!
  9. I have a new un-run OS30 FS bolted to it’s ply bulkhead, I just need to attach it to the rest of the airframe! Peter’s Alley cat was a free plan in RC Model World, I forget the year but I will dig out the article to check.
  10. The Ohmen is a very nice electric model but if you are going to put a 30FS in it why not build one of Peter’s IC designs like his Alley Cat? The wing is identical to his Ohmen incidentally. I started building one years ago…I must finish it some time!
  11. Look at any Peter Miller design and you will find shear webs added between the ribs (with the grain vertical). Even 1/16th balsa shear webs add a lot of strength for a minuscule amount of weight gain. ‘Egg-crate’ construction with the ribs slotted onto the spar used to be popular, particularly with smaller designs. Some of David Boddington’s designs featured this, amongst others. The Sky 40 not only has a full depth spar (WS1) but also the upper and lower members. Belt and braces!
  12. This design does not have ‘shear webs’ as such as it has a full depth slotted spar (WS1) over which the ribs fit, ‘egg-crate’ style. The upper and lower square section members of the spar were added later. The end result is pretty much the same though; a strong structure.
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