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  1. This flies beautifully with the exception that the elevator is too sensitive, and the rudder is not very effective. As the elevator and rudder are linked by a 50% mix how can one be changed without affecting the other?
  2. @bodgerepis into foam wings, he may be interested, he lives close to you and it's a long time since I visited Haxey so we could both come. I will ask him. Steve
  3. That will do the job. Try a 12x6 or 12x8 prop and see how it flies.
  4. Add the picture to the post then double left click and the options pop up.
  5. I assume it's collection only, if so, where are you?
  6. For me it would have to be a Saito FG21 which sounds nice and looks beautiful. Steve
  7. I have been all electric until recently due to my desire to build larger models and previously deciding that I did not want to go above 4S batteries. The future for me is Saito petrol engines. Steve
  8. Hmm @Rich Griffyet again you have taken us off topic.
  9. True and you also answered it for the first time. Normally I expect a question mark to be used following a question but not a statement. For example, Is the sun out? but you often make a statement like the sun is out? which I take to mean that you are not sure and do not expect a reply. Looking at many of your posts they are littered with question marks usually following a statement that with your experience you should know and have no doubts about.
  10. Immaculate, as usual, and that's only the primer? Steve
  11. Same here. I hit an issue I can't solve immediately so i start a new build.
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