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  1. When do you plug the NiMh into the rx Toto. Doing this will damage the ESC.
  2. Just read my next assembly (the sequel) Domino. There are many posts saying do not use a separate rx battery but if you wish to then disconnect the red wire from the ESC plug. I assume that if the red wire is not disconnected then power from the RX Nimh will damage the ESC.
  3. Yes, first electric model IDB. Not sure of the details now but I thought it was the first ESC failure. @totoare you saying the ESC was unplugged from the receiver before the NiMh was connected to the receiver?
  4. @totoare you saying you plugged a rx Nimh pack into the receiver Batt port with the ESC connected to the receiver and if so, how often have you done this? Steve
  5. There were five attempts, all blocked by the bank, GROVESNOR £35, 10, Another gambling site, Just Eat and Uber. None were succeeded because they are new for this card and my bank requires second authentication for new firms. The first was at 23:58 and my phone was asleep. I am thinking that if I had used any of these sites they would not have been blocked, then it would be for me to check my statement and alert the Bank. Talking to the Bank I was told never allow card details to be stored by the web site as this is a common method used to steal users details.
  6. Me too. £35 to GROVESNOR then four more including Jetfrog. I emptied the account before they could. New card is on the way.😊
  7. I was going to sheet the elevators but not now. Cap strips and ribs with local re-enforcements where needed should be strong enough.
  8. Thanks John, as it happens the tip sheet had gaps, so I dampened the top and used a covering iron on 110 deg. C and like magic the old glue had a second try when warmed up. I am using the Peter Miller method for the leading edge. Loads of sanding later, this is what the top looks like. Having run out of enthusiasm for sanding, I am looking at the elevator construction. With a 1/16" sheet top and bottom 3/8" balsa is needed for a neat fit. The plan says 1/4" sheet tapered to the TE, that's a lot of balsa going in the bin, the OZ plan says 5/16" which is even more going in the bin. Not wanting to feel guilty over the waste, and not having a Hamster, I am going to make it built up. 1/2" x 3/8" LE to start with, 1/4" ribs and extra balsa for the joiner. We will see tomorrow. Steve
  9. Bixler 3 H-King Bixler 3 Glider 1500mm PNF Plane | HobbyKing
  10. Having confirmation from @kcthat I was on the right lines I fitted the LE and sheet. This morning cap strips, and centre sheet were dry fitted. This afternoon I will glue those and tidy up the LE sheeting. Steve
  11. The glue has been put to good use. Just the tips.to go. They took some making, as I only have hand tools.
  12. A start has been made this morning. Dry fit while I work out what goes where and make some more bits. Steve
  13. It's easier for me with the cut parts. It is as you supposed.
  14. Not at all Nick. I have been wondering if the lifting tailplane and 3.8-degree wing incidence are connected in some way. As David pointed out. Afterall this is also designed as a large easy to fly trainer which probably means it's easy to land.
  15. I have deciphered this but not sure about Cool. It's an invitation to say what's the best way to learn RC flying. A pity Rich does not want to join in. The way I learned six years ago was to find a club and an instructor. Just the same as @totois doing. Then started thermal flat field gliding with a Phoenix 2000. Steve
  16. Thanks kc. The line is the bottom of the 3/16" centre rib and top of the 3/16" bottom sheet.
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