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About Me

Found 10 results

  1. Two years ago, I bought the rib set, plans, cabane struts and U/C. Today I ordered the cut parts pack which weren't available two years ago. I am at the planning stage which will lead to a strip wood list then the build can start. My thinking is that this will be my 2024 main build.😊
  2. I have the plan and cut parts from SLEC and once the building board is clear I will start. Steve
  3. I had a desire to build a De Havilland Beaver so I looked at my favourite site Outerzone and found a couple of plans I liked but none big enough. I wanted a span of 2.4 metres. So, I decided to scale a 1.8 m to a 2.4metres or 130 percent. I printed the plan I liked on A4 paper and started from there. DH_Beaver_72in_oz11629.pdf
  4. This is the build thread for the Rans S-9 as published in RCM&E, but enlarged to 60 inch span (110%). The plane will be modelled after a full size that has been flying on the same airport where I started flying after moving out of the city.
  5. Ordered and on the way. Not a model on my list but I am fitting it into my builds just to join in with the spirit of the mass build.
  6. The Marutaka Zero is just about completed (building wise), so I can now start on my mass build project. I decided on a sport model (for a change !) and didn't want to build something too big, or complicated. The MK Joker fits the bill and since I mentioned it there has been a considerable interest in the model. So much so that I have had my arm twisted up my back to laser cut more parts for others to build. If anyone else is interested in joining me building one please PM me and I will add you to the list. I do not intend to produce full kits (been there, done that), but will be happy to supply ribs, formers and canopies. I might be able to do fuselage sides and reinforcements as well, but that could involve big boxes. Over the next few days I will do my sums and see what the costs are going to be.
  7. Having talked about this for long enough I have made a start. I was going to build off the plan cutting my own parts but Rhapsody and it's elliptical wing, identical to Destiny, has made me pursue the idea of cut parts. To this end I have arranged for SLEC to cut the parts, print the plan and supply all of the wood. I know that cutting your own parts is cheaper but I don't have all the workshop equipment that I see others have, only hand tools and mainly DIY at that. I just need to place the order clear the backlog of builds then get on with it. ? don't hold your breath waiting for the build to start? Steve
  8. This is a Peter Miller design RCM&E free plan March 2022. Peter's build is here. which gives some reading while waiting for the mag to hit the mat.
  9. Recently I became temporarily fed up with small models so turned to my biggest and longest unfinished project for some light relief - the Tony Nijhuis B-17. When pondering how to join the two fuselage sides of the B-17 warp free and how to fit balsa covering without distortion of the structure I hit upon the idea of making a jig out of PolyPipe. The first step was to print some inserts for the front and rear formers and also for one former about midway along This went surprisingly quickly and easily and was right first time I was somewhat surprised. The fuselage can be rotated in the jig and is ideal for sheeting and planking. At this point the two fuselage sides were not glued together, they were just clamped temporarily in the correct position. After mounting the clamped sides into the jig it was then possible to glue the fuselage sides with PVA. I actually glued about a quarter of the fuselage at a time this worked just fine. So I now have an accurately shaped fuselage ready for planking in the jig. A lot of words but hopefully two pictures will make it all clear.
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