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  1. May I suggest you look at the DeLuxeMaterials website there are some good guides there. And some good products. Some say the DLM products are expensive, but I have found in the long term it is money well spent.
  2. Hmm I see that today we have an advert for Indian cancer medicines inserted as a topic, no doubt to avoid adblockers??? I really do object to this whole business of adverts - this is a model flying forum not a forum for adverts. After years of generally a trouble free forum within weeks of a new owner we have all this stuff in the way. I thought that there were moderators that were supposed to decide on the appropriateness of posts? What can we expect next??? With the loss of so many writers for RCM&E and the Forum now invaded by uncontrolled advertisers I really begin to think about whether to renew my subscription for the magazine
  3. Completely unacceptable - everywhere one goes in the digital world now, one spends more and more time dealing with cookies, refusing mailing lists, avoiding tracking. Dealing with anything slightly financial needs 2FA. By the time one has got past that lot one has forgotten what was wanted anyway. Where is it all going to end?? I guess we will have to subscribe for add-free content next!!! Not forgetting having to feel sorry for the people doing it to us whilst we are being monetised by stealth.. If anyone starts a thread or posts a comment who owns that forum content? No advertising at all is the desired state.
  4. Try talking to George at 4-Max
  5. No, No, No - The toaster is too small relative to the bread!
  6. What a mess One would imagine that those responsible, would have planned and tested before going live!! Would those in charge please sack them selves
  7. Thanks Piers for your comments - with regard to the damning review, there might be other reasons for it than that she is wrong. I am not big on reviews as we have come to a point in history where reviews have become political and are rarely useful. For myself I found her book more cohesive that anything I have found on conventional Medical websites. Additionally I (and other family members) have experimented with magnesium supplements for sometime and also with Dean's own ReMag. The results have been outstanding. So I have developed some experimental support for her position with no negative effects. Anyway - back to model stuff.
  8. Piers - I know this is a model forum so will minimise my comments - yes those 3 symptoms are on the low magnesium list. The low magnesium list is long because magnesium is critical to hundreds of metabolic processes. The most up to date, informative and readable book on low Magnesium is "The Magnesium Miracle - 2nd edition" by Dr Carolyn Dean (see Amazon) read it and you will have a new outlook on basic health.
  9. I had a look at the "check your risk page". The symptoms they quote may be early signs of PC but they are certainly signs of very low magnesium. Low magnesium is well worth reading up on
  10. Very pretty! The email contact for Pete Ross on the website mentioned above does not work, the non delivery reason quoted was that the domain name did not exist! So does anyone have a plan for the Crossfire/Xfire?
  11. Well the BMFA News is OKish as far as it goes, lots and lots about the new magic Centre, but that is not much use unless you are reasonably local to it. However the major missing stuff is about what the BMFA is doing, or going to do about pro actively protecting our existing flying sites and rights. Even making it mandatory for local councils to provide suitable places. Within a mile of where I live there are acres of public football sites, all nicely mowed by my local taxation money, but with very little use. There are no local flying sites! So let us see equal space in the BMFA News page for page regarding the "Center" and "Protection of our sites and rights" Model flying must be the least protected and funded and encouraged sport in the UK (or in the world). Go look at model flying sites in the USA or Germany to see the difference. It is common to find hard runways, club houses and other facilities. So buck up BMFA stop going on about the Centre and tell us what you are going to do for the majority of your paying members!
  12. Thanks for the comment Jonathon. Up front is electricals - a 4-Max PO-3541-1070 with a 50A ESC to be specific.
  13. Is it possible that the cause of failure could be related to power train vibration? My C-B is at the stage of most structure built and control systems being installed. I have chosen to do a built up tail plane. Would that be worse or better than a solid t/p? It is not too late to install carbon rod into the t/p structure. Any comments would be appreciated
  14. To get into a spin it is necessary to be flying slowly and then the aircraft must be subjected to some yaw component either by rudder or say an unexpected gust in the air. The yaw then effectively causes one wing to stop flying whilst the other wing valiantly tries to do its job. Yaw + one wing not flying = spin. The only value of up elevator is to slow the aircraft. To get out of the spin: Centre the ailerons and elevator (do not attempt to recover from the spin by ailerons else you may end up spinning in the opposite direction) Reduce power Use the rudder to counteract the yaw and let the speed increase until both wings are flying properly When the aircraft stops rotating with judicious use of elevator recover from the resultant dive. The dive may be very steep so care is needed in pulling out of it even when the ground is close. Then enjoy the rest of your flight.
  15. This website appears to be SolarFilm https://solarfilm.co.uk but now selling only direct.
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