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  1. We have lost our club room πŸ˜₯, so are clearing it out, we have a stack of old magazines many of them dating from the 1960/70s, at the moment they are destined for the local recycling bin, but would anybody be interested in them? Collection from West Gloucestershire.
  2. I'm advertising this on behalf of the Ross-on-Wye Mens Shed, a ΒΌ scale Tigermoth built from the Duncan Hutson plan and Sarik woodpack. Built a few years ago and complete with all servos, ASP 180 four stroke, Solartex covered, 3D printed period pilot, scale rigging, undercarriage and wheels and plans. Not flown and engine will need running in, a little bit of tidying up needed to get it in flying condition. Collection from Ross-on-Wye. If you are interested, let me know and I'll put you in contact with the Mens Shed. Price Β£350 ovno
  3. I got some lined fishing wellies from Aldi a few years back, they've been great. Also have a rechargeable hand warmer these are quite good too, keep one in your pocket to warm your hands.
  4. Yep and be prepared to take over the running of the club, you may find that the current committee wouldn't be prepared to continue without the backing/safety net of the club being affiliated.
  5. Yep, but not if you just self insure like Rocker proposed.
  6. Don't forget that you'll use the article 16 exemptions. BTW LMA are looking at Β£40 next year.
  7. John, here you go https://www.fighteraces.co.uk/product-category/airframe-accessories/wiring-connectors/. BTW these are standard electrical connectors and also available from RS, just a pain to find on their website.
  8. Have you installed a windows driver for it? Does it show up in devices? https://www.dummies.com/article/technology/computers/operating-systems/windows/windows-10/see-devices-connected-windows-10-computer-230424/
  9. So do I, but recently on a friends ARTF we found the adaptor was made of cheese metal, it nosed over on landing (grass was a bit long) and bent the adaptor, impossible to get it straight again and it happened to be a bespoke fitting so none of the spare ones I had would fit, arrrgh. Eventually found a motor in another ARTF which was laid up with the same adaptor
  10. Signed up for this, the irony is that we have been charging the car at this time on the IOG cheap rate, so was quite easy to reduce our usage by not charging the car and shifting time we cook. Will plug car in at 5pm tonight and see if we get a cheap slot.
  11. Mmm, on my Ohme Charger I can set up a schedule to charge x% by 5pm, but I've not tried plugging it in in the morning and seeing what it does.
  12. Tim, I haven't tried that as I have a schedule set up for 80% by 8am, so not sure if you try to force the system into giving you a cheap slot outside the core hours how it will treat this. But I have plugged ours in at 10am with the target set for 8am and got charge slot immediately, perfect to cook Sunday lunch!
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