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  1. Well I ran mine up a couple of weeks ago after it hadn't flown for several months, choke on, spin the starter and it fired, choke off and restart and it ran great all day. Not the most powerful but OK to pull my 7.5kg Privateer around just fine. The exhaust is very hot and silicon extension pipes don't last more than one flight.
  2. If you are looking for an actuator for some unusual function, this shop is worth checking out, https://www.robotshop.com/uk/ we wanted a 140mm Acutonix linear actuator (to open and close a canopy). Good service it arrived in a couple of days from their EU warehouse UK tax paid.
  3. I had a Super 60 many moons ago, it flew on an Irvine 25, PAW 35 and a Mk1 OS FS40, the OS was the nicest of the lot, I used a 12 x 5 prop on mine.
  4. You just waggle the rudder and the airflow does the rest..................................
  5. Yes, but if you go for an alternate then it would be best to replace them both so you have a matched pair. The specs of the E-Flite servo are nothing special, But if this a gyro stabilised receiver then a digital servo would be recommended as the servo refresh rate from the receiver could be too high for an analogue servo. Maybe something like this https://www.4-max.co.uk/servo-4max-4M-556DMG-087.html
  6. I've got an older version of something similar to this (no display), works well and cuts off after the cells are charged. You can tell how old mine is, it has a switch to change between Nicd and Nimh.
  7. Friend has got one, no issues to report. My Royal Pro (and another friends) also have them and they have been fine (but we do carry them in a case). While they look vulnerable, in practise they are fine and they are very useful, as are the side mounted buttons. The rear rollers are the thing I find strange to operate.
  8. I have quite a few two strokes (and some four stokes) that hand start easier with a reverse flick. I've even seen an engine started this way by finger spinning the spinner clockwise.
  9. It's more that the long servo cable acts as an aerial, the position signal is quite a weak signal, so any stronger electromagnetic field could corrupt this signal, same with the electronics in the receiver/servo. So while highly unlikely it's not inconceivable, it would also depend on if the ESC has been designed and tested not to produce electrical "noise". https://oscarliang.com/ring-esc-ferrite-ring/
  10. If this is your first composite glider, you may want to add a bit of ballast to your Heron, the composite models don't lose energy as quickly as the foamies, even the good ones like the Heron.
  11. It's not just now, the effect of CO2 on temperature was first discussed over 100 years ago, but it's only since 1960 have we accumulated enough in the atmosphere to exceed natural cyclical levels, and it's increasing exponentially. https://www.climate.gov/news-features/understanding-climate/climate-change-atmospheric-carbon-dioxide Exxon scientists knew this in the 1970s and Exxon management at the time took steps to "discredit" the science, Exxon are being sued in the US by several states, i.e. https://www.usnews.com/news/business/articles/2022-05-24/exxonmobil-loses-bid-to-nix-climate-change-lawsuit#:~:text=May 24%2C 2022%2C at 1%3A47 p.m.&text=BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts',play in causing climate change.
  12. Except they didn't, there was one paper that over estimated the effect of aerosols and particulate matter in the atmosphere, to such an extent that it had a bigger cooling effect than CO2 warming, wen combined with a switch to nuclear power could lead to global cooling. Subsequent studies/papers showed that the cooling effect of particulate matter was much less. https://arstechnica.com/science/2016/06/that-70s-myth-did-climate-science-really-call-for-a-coming-ice-age/
  13. I would agree on a high aspect wing around 4m is a good sweet spot, not too big to transport and launch and more forgiving than a 3m one. A while back a couple of flying buddies bought a Ventus and Discus from Top Model CZ, both very nice and fly well, around 3.8m. Theirs were pure gliders though so I'm not sure if they do an electric option. Keep you eye on the BMFA and BARCS classifieds some of the older moulded gliders come up from time to time, we recently acquired a 2.85 Multiplex Kranich and 3.3m Simprop Solo, the Kranich flies lovely, not yet put the Simprop together but no reason why it shouldn't fly as well.
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