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  1. Not a switch, but what some pilots do is make an arming plug, so standard connector installed in the supply line, mounted so it's accessible on the side of the model, mating connector with a cable between the pins. Plug in and it completes the circuit. I'd use an antispark connector on a 6s to reduce the arcing and hence connector damage.
  2. I would hope so, my MM flies just fine on an old Laser 62!
  3. You'll still have to program the Spectrum AS3X to suit the Pitts, with the Reflex system FMS have a library of model specific settings, which reading the manual on the V3 you just select in the app on your smart phone and send to the Reflex V3 via bluetooth.
  4. Yep it's a lot tougher than Solartex and a sharp knife or scissors are a must. On the upside it is very resilient in use and very difficult to puncture.
  5. The system has three modes, stabilised, auto leveling and off, so if the mode signal isn't present the unit probably does nothing. It looks.like FMS have a whole load of models preloaded, so you just upload the appropriate model settings from the app. The ones supplied with a model will have the appropriate settings preloaded. What functionality are you looking for, something just to smooth out the wind gusts or the full self leveling?
  6. Any reason why an 8 channel rx for a 6 channel tx?
  7. Ask your local model club I'll bet members have got loads of unused wall chargers.
  8. One of our members wives is in the St John's Ambulance and has put us together a suitable kit for the typical injuries we could see. While there maybe debates on the legalities, having a first aid kit on site does allow minor injuries not to curtail ones flying activities 😀
  9. I have some old Jeti ESCs which incorporate an arming switch, looking at the manual for the Mezon range it looks like that is an.option. But I must admit I wouldn't travel to the field with a lipo connected in a model.
  10. On the Spektrum sets, you can have two trainer modes, one where all rates, expo, trims are set on the teacher tx, i.e only the student stick positions are transferred, the 2nd mode all the rates, expo, trims are separate on each tx. If you have been using the former mode when he goes solo all the settings may be different, so the model doesn't respond as it does on the buddy, could this be contributory? I've never taught anybody who uses a different mode to me, but typically on their first buddyless flight, I'll do the take off on their tx and hand it to them once I've trimmed it out so they get the feel of the model a few mistakes high, not so easy if you fly different modes though.Sent
  11. Used a few of them on 1/4 scale gliders inc Pat Teakle HP18 plus a few 1/5 and 1/4 scale woodies. I do use a 3300 mah 5 cell battery though.
  12. This is the MPX One, very simple and as it only needs a very short movement you use the innermost hole in the servo arm to get max pull from standard 3+kg-cm servo
  13. when you say channel 7 for battery, do you mean the Rx battery, if so just Y lead a servo for the choke operation off that. But could you note just put in a manual actuation, cable or pushrod, typically on a petrol engine you put the chole on flick/spin it till it fires with the choke on (and it then stops), choke off, restart allow a min or so to warm up, then fly.
  14. Might be miniscule the fuel mixture has to be adjusted to get the correct fuel/air ratio for a good burn, the oil is a negligible volume
  15. We've done this at our club, you can take the crystal out of the 35mhz set if you wish, it doesn' t transmit just send the servo positions via the cable.
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