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  1. Hi Jake Thats really interesting for me about your experiences with ELRS and Graham’s experiences with poor range on R88 rx’s are also familiar. I too have been less than impressed with the range of some V1 R88 Radiomaster receivers I have especially when I have tried them in gliders which I tend to fly further away. Moving antennae in the models and tuning the tx output seemed to make very little difference in the end. I have a Betaflight ELRS module that I have spent some time updating firmware on and have a Betaflight Micro 5 channel rx, a Betaflight Super P 14 channel rx and a Radiomaster ER8G 8 channel rx to try. There is some interesting information on Mike Shellim’s RC soaring site about setting up ELRS receivers and Oscar Liang seems to show useful stuff too. What has been your experience with setting up your rx’s Jake? And Did you get to grips with the channel 5 issue without too many issues?
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