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  1. I concur Graham. 30a will be a sensible solution, since, along with the cheap and cheerful motor on the Eyelash, Bangood provided in the package, the present ESC (unmarked, other 20A on the cover)! Now I have the Wattmeter, I shall use it to test out the motor/ESC/battery package for my Little Plank- I'll update the thread as and when. Anone have a motor burnout?
  2. My wattmeter has arrived! I have firstly checked it out on my little Eyelash model. (See my separate entry: https://forums.modelflying.co.uk/index.php?/topic/24961-forum-members-new-models-lets-see-them/page/169/&tab=comments#replyForm) I'm reading a peak 18.75amps, and 214 peak watts on the wattmeter. Now, I'm running on a 20a esc on the Eyelash Am I in danger of burning the esc out, although the peak amps would be only when the plane is at full throttle, which, of course, is only a percentage of the flight (8 minutes on my timer)? Maybe 30 amps to be safe?? One thing that I'm still not sure about is the dangers of motor burn-out. When does that happen??
  3. Thx Leccxy- Must say- it's a buttock clenger to fly! (Small and very fast!) Help ma boab!
  4. Here's my Eyelash. Not exactly new, I built it in 1975(!) from a MAN article and plan, (which I still have) and flew it extensively then over the next few years in Bermuda. Powered by a Cox TD.049, it was fast, with no throttle on the TD! A miniature Pattern plane, it was a very small version of the .60 powered Eyeball, 0-0-0set up, exciting to fly. I remember a 50 turn power on spin from a height that I could just see it (it's very small- good eyesight required!) Anyway, we returned home, the Eyelash went into the loft, in lieu of other models, and I only brought it out a year ago, after a 20+ years period when I was too busy working to fly. I now had entered the new mystic world of electric motors and lipos! So, on advice, the TD was hauled out, and replaced with a (Banggood) cheap and cheerful 2212 2200kv electric motor on a 1300mah 3s battery and a 6x4 prop. Wingspan 38 1/4" Area 215sq in Weight 24oz. Ace rigid foam wings, with fibreglass tape top and bottom. Solarfilm finish Well it flies as I remember it, with the added luxury of a throttle! It's fast! On flying it again, it still requires quick reflexes- and good eyesight, but it behaves perfectly, like the small pattern model that it is.
  5. Hmm- Amazon "Prime" have told me that it will be Monday/Tuesday before the Wattmeter arrives (6day delivery- as opposed to their usual next day delivery!!) Ah well!
  6. Thanks for the heads up Keith- We learn by experience! Expecting my one sometime today! Biggest ESC in my planes to date is 60a!
  7. Thanks Keith. As you say- cheap as chips! Just ordered one- it'll be here vis Amazon Prime on Saturday. I can afford to lose it if not successful. (Having read some of the comments). As a matter of interest, although it's rated at 200A (a few queries about that on the Reviews section!), what's the approximate maximum current that our largest rc aircraft model power systems would put out?
  8. Many thanks for that analysis, Graham. I'm getting the feeling that the motor may be marginal for the model- I'd rather use one a bit too powerful, where I can throttle back! Now, I do (did) have a wattmeter, but it's not where I remember it in my workshop from a year ago, when I last saw it! Looking just now for a replacement, GT Power seems to be a choice- (I'm sure that was the brand that I had) but there are various versions advertised- ranging from £12 on ebay- to £27 from model shops. As well, there are a lot of comments that wattmeters of all brands seem to be of dubious accuracy. Can anyone out there make recomendations?
  9. Lovely model Leccy- well done. Looking forward to seeing it fly! (This should have been on my blank post above!)
  10. Thank you for your input guys- I used to be a know-all with ic engines (for 40 years), but I am now, with great difficulty, coming to terms with these new fangled electric motors- and escs- and battery combos! (I think that 0.1 cu.in. would be nearer to 1.5cc, fwiw. I would rather more, rather than less power- I can always throttle back) Here's a photo of the motor/ prop combo, which I understand, is a Banggood package:
  11. I have inherited a package of electric motor A2212/10T 1400KV, with 8x6 props. I wonder if this would be sufficient, with 3s battery, to power my vintage Little Plank flying wing, designed as a glider, with, at the time, the option of.049-.10 ic motor power? Other specs- 56" wingspan, with wing area 673sq in. Weight approx 2lb. Or would it require a larger combo? Any thoughts appreciated!
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