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  1. Just wondered- has anyone tried out the Hobbyking Turnigy Rapid LiPos ? They seem incredibly cheap, compared with most other 6S batteries? On the HobbyKing site, Turnigy Rapid 6000 ma 6S 100C @ £35.00, as opposed to the Turnigy Heavy Duty 6200ma 6S 60C @ £67.50 Thinking of buying a couple. Hopefully they do the job? Just wondered- has anyone tried out them?
  2. As always, many thanks for your informative replies! I have used stand-offs (on Leccy's recommendation) on a smaller model. But, from all your responses, it looks like I'll go with 4mm studding in tubing stand-offs! Thanks again!
  3. On my ongoing refurbishment of my old Aeromaster, (48" wingspan, 61/2 lb), I've changed the power supply from an HP 61, to, probably, a Mega 41/30/15 410kv donated by a pal in the club, (which is, I think , the equivalent of, say, a 4-Max P-O-5065-420),with a 6S battery. 50m dia- Much bigger than any of my small motors that I've been used to, since getting into electric! My latest question, (in a series on electrifying my old models!) stems from the Mega having the motor mount at the front, just behind the drive shaft. So I can't bolt it directly onto the bulkhead behind the motor, had the motor had a rear mounting plate. Rather, it will have to be fitted with approx 60mm standoffs from bulkhead to the front mount. So, a couple of questions: On a large motor like this, would standoffs be stable enough to keep the motor from wobbling/ vibrating? And are they going to withstand any light "dings" that may occur, with, say nose-overs on landings? Are some stand-offs better than others? Any suggestions appreciated!
  4. Best wishes Matty- you're certainly progressing! It's hard, but with the determination that you're showing, you'll be back twiddling the sticks shortly! A practical suggestion, perhaps you could get a flight simulator? It would be good for practicing- and the best part is that, when (if) you crash, it takes seconds, rather than weeks to get back in the air- just press the keyboard! The one that I've used for the past three years is a RealFlight RF8, which is pretty realistic with some of the models on it. There's an updated version now Hope that this helps
  5. Many thanks for that Keith! Didn't know that there was a Facebook group- I'll join if OK!
  6. Thanks Keith. That looks like it's pretty far forward. Do you know whether there are any plans available, for Oowah or similar?
  7. Looks good! What's the percentage poition back from the le for the CG on your Oowah, Keith?
  8. That's a really nice sequence RJ! Well done! Looking forward to hearing about/ seeing it fly!
  9. Look forward to seing it flying Murat! (When the rains go off-maybe next year???)
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