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  1. Grumpy, what does FUD mean, please . Bas
  2. I posted to see what other members used for their photo's , nothing more. Then get something sorted one way or the other. Thanks.bas
  3. windows is not as windows is normally displayed.Bas
  4. What I have not stated is that my current 'Pictures' is run in windows 11 using another program , as I have had problems with interlopers. I have had serious problems a couple of years ago . I will have to get my friend who installed it to run me through every thing before I go to far. Bas.
  5. Once your pictures are in the cloud they have the legal right to publish your photos. Just a thing I have Ron. Is it free!!! Bas
  6. I have a file thing called 'Picture'. The pics are 1/4 " and cannot be identified, the dates are not in series. If you cant see them you cant use them. I ask for a system so that I can view them, in order to use them. I am puzzled. By the way I already have an electronic extra disc thing. I dont really want to use the cloud for reasons already stated. Does this help. Bas
  7. John, thats not what I had in mind. That means making a contents list for each card and storing envelopes. I would rather store on a drive, and back up as required. External drive would be an option, but we are now getting a bit to high tech for me. I need a system where I can find things easily say by date/title within the computer stotage system. I can move them from the memory card , from the camera to the system . Your way I would still have to load them back into the computer to view/select, thats if I have understood you correctly, good chance I have not. Thanks for that suggestion. Bas
  8. Jon, I need a system for storage that allows easy access and selection. Down loading to the forum is another subject. The system I have gives a picture about 1/4 2 square.( A blob) cant see what they are, so cant move them. Basically I cant find the photographs in the first place. Bas
  9. Hello, I run windows 11. I find it impossible to load any pictures to this forum using the system that is installed( By a friend). What suggestions are there for a SIMPLE storage/ manipulation program that I can download please. I have seen these systems mentioned , that are connected to Microsoft onedrive account. As far as I know I dont have that softwear . Some years ago with an earlier windows system I had something that worked really well, easy to use and install. I want something that gives easy access to photos , say by date and sub headings etc. Be good if you could also manipulate the photo as well, but I need it simple. I have managed to store all my old photos on this my new computer but they have ended up just a jumble. Whats gone is gone, I need something for the future. I dont really want to use the Cloud either, I dont see why I should give some else access to my pics. Thanks in advance. Bas
  10. Basil

    Adhesive for PP

    Thanks for your comment Phil. Bas
  11. Basil

    Adhesive for PP

    Hi Chris, I would hazard a guest and say that there are a small number of products that may fall into this group here in UK. Those that are non industrial are very expensive and thin on the ground. It seems that particular adhesive is sold in Aussy and NZ. Thanks Bas
  12. Basil

    Adhesive for PP

    Hi, I am making a Scottish Pioneer, at the rear of the cowl is an outward facing , thin , upturn. Have you ever tried to make one. I used PP because I used a funnel, or rather part of it , just a thin band ,say 1/2 ". It has just occurred to me that I suppose I could have tried to use the funnel as a mould and used very thin ply inside and then cut a band from it. thats my excuse, at least for now. I will see how the hot melt goes. Bas
  13. Basil

    Adhesive for PP

    Hi Leccy, had a look at those two products that you named; Stablitt is ' Not for PP' its actually on the label. Fusion, from, 'Delux Material', they claim that it sticks any thing that can be glued, but is carefully labelled. I have contacted them , but they have not got back.( I assume its doubtful) I have found some , well 1 or 2, expensive but made for PP.Lots available for large users, need guns etc. I will let you know. (50ml £20 odd). I have been playing with an Aldi 'Hot melt gun' that I have. Ran some tests,If you let the gun get really hot it proved to have some adhesion to PP , but it has to be HOT.Adhesion ranges from stuck very well, would not separate easily, to peelable with some effort. The bond I want between balsa/ply will not be under a great deal of load ( PP cowl to a balsa) so I will most likely try the hot melt road, let the gun stew for a bit. I have tested the hot melt balsa to balsa pulls apart but tears off the top layer of wood, does not seperate, so ok. Bas
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