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  1. What a brilliant idea 10 out of 10 for that. Bas
  2. Frank, the master is a basic Spektrum TX, wired . Not possible to use the wireless as the master. I dont think its possible, logic really , when you think about it. Many thanks to you all. Bas
  3. Gentlemen, it as I thought , there is no way a connection can be made. It was through desperation that I posed this question hoping that someone may have a solution. Many thanks. Bas
  4. Toto, the slave is the DX8e !!!!!, with no jack plug facility. Bas
  5. Hi Toto,I believe you are referring to a wireless to wireless situation. I am talking old style TX ( ie cable connection) as a master to a new wireless as a slave situation. The DX8e is somewhat different re binding situations. Thanks though!!! Bas
  6. I have purchased a Spektrum DX8e. It has wireless trainer facility ( For use as a master), and no jack plug facility . The binding described in the manual is for use as a master. My question is; 'Can the DX8e be used as a slave TX with a non wireless trainer set up ?'. Simple question. Bas
  7. Hi, If I want to add say, a red flash to the side of a plane that has been covered in heat shrink film, what do I use. Covering film or other please. I have seen 'Dayglo' stripes etc ??? Might seem simple to you but I have never attempted it before !!! Bas
  8. Basil

    Diacov 1000

    I have found the most difficult thing was to get a good 'Edge' when trimming during application. I put this down to a not so sharp trimming knife/scalpel. I kept getting edges with what looked like 'Threads' attached to the edges. Next time I will make sure I have a new blade. Bas
  9. Basil

    Diacov 1000

    Brian, my original post was from Sariks website , it was they that I quoted.!!!. Thank you for the info , puts things in a different light. All the required info. Bas
  10. Basil

    Diacov 1000

    Alan, the word 'Priming' is used as it implies the first thing required. It relates to Diatex not Diacov. The video says 'Certain wood surfaces need priming' I have already outlined that that was the reason of my contact with Sarik. I have used it in the past with reasonable results that would have been a lot better had I taken more care etc etc. I am not in any way being critical just pointing out the statements made by Sarik. So if I followed your suggestion of following the video I would be using temperatures like the 170c as tated in the video, is that a correct figure to use rather than the 110c given verbally. I am confused regarding the temperature and that is why I was asking if others had used it and at what temperatures. Bas
  11. Basil

    Diacov 1000

    The issue I phoned about was that the video says ' Depending what type of wooden substrate is used Solo must be used to prime the surface'. Solo seems like some sort of dope that is used when Diatex is used on Aircraft proper. Bearing in mind that the majority of our construction materials are wood I was enquiring about what types need priming. I was given to understand that priming is not required with Diacov. In my mind if we had to prime everything the advantages of use are reduced . First I was told that this is not so with Diacov!!!!!. I then enquired about temperatures, quoting the temperatures given on the web page up to 170 C. I was then informed that this was for Diatex not Diacov. A temperature of 110c was verbally given for Diacov. I have refered to the web site some time in the past and dont seem to remember the use of those higher temps being quoted ,maybe I am wrong about the later. Thats when I suggested that perhaps the information be corrected. The material in the video does not look like Diacov ,which has it has a yellowish colour, the video looks white in colour. So Allan, I think there is some sort of issue from the info that Sarik has given me being so different. One way or the other there is a difference!!!! Regards Bas
  12. Hi everybody. Just been looking for the temperatures of use for Diacov. The video on line by Sarik is for Diatec not Diacov.I have had a coversation with them and been told it is not the same animal. I suggested that perhaps they remove it in favour of the correct video. In the mean time can anybody that has used it please give me the suggested temperatures for use. Many Thanks. Bas
  13. Simon, repairing old airframes is usually, at least for me , a long and fiddly job. It really needs an open time of many minutes. As stated I dont get on with super glues. I think that their performance is some what over rated .Speed yes but I dont want speed. When I refered to 'Open time' I was reffering to Bas
  14. Thank you gentlemen, the problem with these products is that when making repairs like those facing me is that you need a long life /open time in order the shuffle the parts together. As efficient as the products suggested are the open time is quite short. Thank you for making me aware of them as I had not met them before. Bas
  15. Hi Ron, what exactly is Gorila clear
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