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  1. All has become clear now, amazing what a good nights sleep can do to your savvy!. I always get a 'Good' copy made of any plan especially the RCME give aways, they are so flimsy.I also like to get a mirror copy to aid 'Other' wing asy. Thanks all. Bas
  2. Peter, I always do that. That way you always have one good copy. Bas
  3. Hi, its maybe a little early for my brain to work, but print them from what. Most of us only have the drawing/plan for the model !. The only way would be to get it copied then cut them out etc.Just trying to understand , feel I missed something, not being critical or what ever. A confused Bas
  4. Thank you for the offer, Kevin was able to help with this. Bas
  5. Can some one help me please. I am trying to get a copy of a couple of build articles from RCME. Namely; Chapter one trainer, Nov 2015. Citabria, Jan 2013. I will pay any reasonable costs that might arise, an email copy is Ok by me. Bas
  6. Frank, just out of interest whats the cost of a new tank? Bas
  7. Ron, I am working on the LiL cub, so speeds are on the low side.Just needed to push myself. Not achievable without the help of persons like yourselve. Once again thank you to you all. Bas
  8. I'am with you Ron, yes I think I understand. I take it that there is a minimal effect of shrinkage on the 'Hinge' part of the covering when the iron is applied. So it's fully ironed between steps.No hinges used at all.Still have to envisage the method in my mind a few times.Thanks Bas
  9. Many thanks to all of you that answered. As a returnee there are so many new applications it's a bit confusing. The books, all of which were published many moons ago dont always fit with modern advancements. Bas
  10. Hi Ron, I take it the hinge is applied to bare balsa!.When you say top covering are you refering to another piece of tape or the final covering. When covering the underside ( Assume heat shrink film!!!)do you take the film over the tape, is it OK with heat? . Perhaps you could expand a little.As Tape seems the best candidate for flaps, I would like to use it. Bas
  11. I am busy on Peters Li'l Cub, progressed building wise( Not flying)trying to challenge myself. I have include flaps as I wanted to stretch myself, am learning a lot. Due to being sentenced to house arrest due to temporarary health probs. In the books I have read 'Tape' hinges seem to be reccomended for flaps and aelerons( Or do you suggest proper hinges?).Firstly whats the thinking about that?. Secondly what about the covering, over or under. The books say both sides on flaps?. Or anternatively used the covering as daul purpose covering and flaps in the one application. I've made this fairly short as if I get replies it usually covers all aspect. Thanks in advance. Bas
  12. Steve & Peter, looks like you have both come up with similar. This will solve the problem of drilling out the plastic horn.My thanks to you both. Bas
  13. Sorry Steve, got side tracked, trying to buy a second hand car.The super light is to short. The diameter of the push rod keeper is 2mm, as I said to Peter this means drilling out the horn, it is small, was part of my original post , does not leave a lot of meat.The SL026 is what I have, again those parts that fix to it appear to be all 2mm, same problem as before. As I said I am a newby so been trying to find some alternatives. Thanks Bas
  14. Thanks Peter, I'll have a dig around. Bas
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