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  1. you would put castor in a ys but not ml70? That makes absolutely no sense at all. ML70 is perfectly suitable and is not the same as it was back when originally released. As with all oils it has been developed and works just fine
  2. If you can do it without poisoning or blowing yourself up you could mix your own for a bargain price with Methanol on ebay You can kiss goodbye to any engine warranty though
  3. cant got wrong for that money. I might even get one for my dad to replace his old FF6 8ch futaba rxs compatible with that system are about 40 quid, and 6ch about 36 quid. These are much more reasonable than in the old days where it was 70-80
  4. The low oil laser fuel more or less doubled in price over a year which was very disappointing. I did my best to question it but clearly had little impact. As Ron suggests, SMC are likely to be my go to from now on. I plan to order some of the low oil laser fuel and hope to give it my stamp of approval for whatever that is worth.
  5. If you still have a futaba challenger and you stick a new battery in it there is no reason not to use it. 35mhz is still legal, still viable, and with so few using it you are very unlikely to be shot down! I still fly half of my fleet on 35mhz and will do for some time as i picked up a virtually new FF9 for less than a tenner a year or so ago. If you are shopping for new gear then futaba still offer some very good options. I have used futaba and spektrum 2.4ghz systems, and while the futaba has been faultless i have had problems with the spektrum. Personally i would grab a futaba t6k or 10k and crack on. I use the older 8j as well as my ancient FF9 and find it very easy to use. the 6 and 10k use the same programming interface with a little joystick to navigate. There are other good radios around, but if buying a futaba set gives you that feeling of confidence in a known quantity then that makes it well worth while sticking to what you know.
  6. Disregard the above, ED and i are going to discuss it offline and not clutter up the thread
  7. Its not an opinion, i tested it and it a fact. Moreover, i had access to a far greater sample size than anyone flying at a club and can say without hesitation that its not good enough.
  8. Running perfectly on the ground but not in the air can point to a cowl airflow issue
  9. banging and backfire is symptomatic of a partial lean cut. By that i mean there is fuel getting through but not enough and as the engine is being driven around by the other cylinder you get all sorts of noises. If it was total fuel starvation this would not happen. Are the needles very vague? If so there might be an accumulation of detritus behind the fuel inlet nipple and depending how this floats around it might cause occasional lean running.
  10. I would take castor oil over westons fuel...maybe. Both are utterly awful but in the case of the westons fuel its not just that they dont tell you the oil, its the why of it. If you had the best quality oil and raw material why would you not be shouting about that? You only hide what you dont want people to know in my experience and there must be a reason for that. Given that the vast majority of engines i serviced that had suffered major mechanical failure were run on it i wouldnt go within a mile of it. I even tried to test it in my own model vs the model technics equivalent (it was a twin and i proposed to run one engine on each fuel in the same model) but the engine ran so badly it was impossible. Normally i agree with you on engine stuff ED but in this case i cant as your statement is just flat out wrong. i would not have chosen this particular hill to go and die on without a damn good reason. Anything else with 5% nitro and 15% synth oil will be fine. I used to recommend the optifuel laser 5 but its got so expensive its hard to recommend now. I plan to pick up some southern modelcraft stuff and give that a go.
  11. Agreed. it will run badly and the cost of conversion will probably be more than the engine is even worth.
  12. I am a maybe. I need to test fly my hurricane as its not been out since last summer
  13. I have a deeply shocking revelation to reveal about Laser engines...They are machines, and they need maintenance. Horrifying though it may be, its true. So anyway Paul how old were the engines, were the springs rusty, had the engine been stored for a long period with a spring compressed... I can virtually guarantee at least 1 of those conditions was met and more than likely, all of them. As usual you look at the headline but dont read the story. With a tiny big of root cause analysis its clear why the springs fail. In the 13 years i worked for laser, and the 10 before that i operated lasers i have broken 2 valve springs in my own engines. Both on old engines i got 2nd hand with unknown history. In the same period of time 2 OS and 1 Enya spring also broke. While i worked there i can probably count less than a dozen springs giving instant failure when the engine was tested (so never seen by the customer), and maybe 10 fail on new engines shortly after delivery. So around 20 springs out of countless thousands? Its a non event. Just for trivia, if we assume an average RPM of 6000 over a flight from start to finish that is 36000 valve cycles in a 12 minute start to stop flight. Lets say you have 3 flights a day, and fly that model on 10 occasions over a year for 30 flights. Now we are up to nearly 1.1million spring cycles a year. When we spoke with the spring people in 20...er 16 i think i asked for 10 million cycles as a ball park life. So if you have an engine more than 10 years old/fly more than 30 flights a year with a given model it needs new springs even if its been perfectly cared for. Add a rust spot to the spring and stress fractures will kill it in short order so the age is irrelevant. Now if you think that its unreasonable for that little spring to die after 10 million cycles and/or physical damage, and costs you less than a coffee to replace, then i beg you to not breed or vote. I have explained all of this before of course, but the dunning kruger effect brings us back to square one.
  14. ehhh i have my doubts on this point. The model is 2nd hand, so its original owner gave up on it for some reason. Was engine reliability a factor? Also 'working well' is rather subjective as i have seen plenty of models with Lasers in that 'run great' but i think run like utter trash due to woeful tuning or other setup issue. The point is you should not just accept that the previous chap had it right and blindly follow their lead. All that said, in the case of a cub side mounting is ideal for tank placement, cooling and engine access so i would be inclined to leave it with a side mount and flip the carb if needed so the needle pokes out the top.
  15. You really need to find a therapist who can help you deal with this paranoia about valve springs.
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