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  1. Not noticed an issue on 12V power supply and heater in the shed, but do with the 5kw unit in my camper van (leisure battery) and that is the pulsing causes the battery voltage to dip a bit. this odes not effect the heater but makes the LED lighting go in to disco mode! So worth a good power supply or don't have anything else electronic running off the battery!
  2. ....What about the throttle not at low trick, I mean feature? I have some ESC's that seem to set their throttle low each time they power up hence its important to set your throttle cut to the same as throttle off/low + some TX/RX systems have throttle off set a little higher than the ESC deems as off/low so you add down trim (could do it in sub trim) and then it arms...easy to forget when changing between models that the sub trim is there hence the ESC sometimes arms and sometimes not. All part of the fun of using non OEM products.
  3. Eric, the old now you see it (yellow/black) and now you don't with the silver assuming the upper wing is silver? Al least it could have nav lights 😉
  4. Off topic, but relevant? Had a motion RC P38 and after flying it a few times in a scale way stumbled across a chap that crashed his on the maiden (Youtube). I did think a vertical climb and hard pull over the top (IIRC) was unscale, but each to their own. There were quite few negative comments and I sort of lost interest as it was a elevator horn failure, but that could have occurred as it decelerated vertically into the ground. Flew the model and it oddly needed quite a bit of trim (missed the significance of that!), then second flight (still nice and scale!) it plunged into a big hawthorn hedge with all leading surfaces extensively damaged and the elevator control horn detached. The point here is that on closer inspection there was next to no glue so it was a batch failure. Might not always be relevant posting, but I might help someone else out
  5. Might be completely wrong, but point 1 Yes the C of G is a fixed point when its measured, if you add weights at either end then the C of G changes So being a FLT operator you forktruck has a C of G, if you pick a pallet up then the C of G moves. Pick an excessively heavy pallet and the C of G will move outside of the FLT wheelbase and it will tip up The C of G does not change for the model unless something changes or moves. Tank emptying, UC that retracts/lowers fore sand aft etc. For IC (as tanks are normally infront of C of G I check C of G with them empty. I have a very tricky foam model with canards which is very C of G sensitive, bad news is the C of G moves over 25 mm reward when the UC goes down (which makes it very lively just when you don't need it!).
  6. Sounds like a great event, well done to all of those that have organized this. Best spend the winter building, sorting and servicing Lasers and British kits in readiness. Will there be any format to the days?
  7. As I am down for two Focke's (honest one is for someone else!) I'll go for decals for both and one of each (red 23 and red 13). Surely I can't go wrong that way!
  8. Happy to go with no manual and Tempest on a different thread. A request to the experienced/speedy builders, could you post your builds on your own threads. The reason I ask is that some threads either wonder off topic or get deliberately sent off course and take up pages of non relevant waffle (generally does not seem as bad recently). In the past I have cut and pasted the relevant posts into a word doc but that is time consuming when positioning pictures etc This way we can all see how others are progressing and can ask questions/get answers as individual builds progress.
  9. Risk of heading off at a tangent, but Buckminster does have a campsite with good amenities so its worth people heading up or back with a few days to spare either side of the event date to make the trip worth while! For electric (quite) flight its nigh on available from dawn to dusk so as long as the weather holds up then the trip should be worthwhile.
  10. Hi John, When I researched the Can Doo there were a couple of reports that it became hard to handle at higher speeds (one of the reasons for making mine) so I have just enjoyed it for what it is rather than explore the upper limit with a tent peg out come! What do you think makes yours more stable at high speed compared with say the Can Doo or other canard types like this?
  11. Probably a topic on its own, but quite a few people I know and myself included set up a rate switch (either individually or Elevator & Ailerons) on a switch (3 position). 50% 75% and recommended throws that way if you get something that's super lively and a flick of a switch you can reduce the control surface throws PS There is an unwanted effect of using low throws via the TX and not mechanically adjusting and that is the control surface becomes more notchy in its travel, so post maiden review how much travel you really want/need and set it up mechanically correct with 100% travel in the TX
  12. Looks a bit like a Can Doo to me. Hard to see...not really apart most people think its flying backwards!
  13. Should be interesting to compare both once finished regarding flight performance assuming I build them the same (weight) and power set up.
  14. I have a pair of 3748 800KV 4S motors out of my foam (wash my mouth out with castor) P38 (used to run 12x7 three blade so 12x8 should be ok for the motor) is that going to be ok? Clearly go for a 2 blade prop if its hand launch. PS the 3 blade set up used to pull 42A if that helps on 4S5500 lipo PPS spinners and decals for all, cheers
  15. Richard, Adjustment of my order! Two FW 190's and one Tempest. The second FW is for a fellow builder of one of the clubs I belong to.
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