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  1. I have a Balsa USA cub 108 inch with a Laser FT200 in it although the pervious builder did not build it light it should be 18lbs, but I would think mine is more than that. Its a big wing so it copes well and I fly it scale so 1/2 to 3/4 throttle is plenty. !00% in the event of emergency! You don't want it flying around with it ticking over, but a bit of re-propping it should be ok. PS when I took the Super Tigre out and put the FT 200 in I add +500g to get back to the C of G so the additional weight of the 180 will only help in that respect PPS I would fit the 180 and bear in mind fitting a 155 as a re-engine option during the install, that way if the 180 is too much it should just be a swap out to get to to scale performance.
  2. I have used Callie Graphics a good few times and with great service every time. Everything from nose are for my DH Mosquito to a fun (while I was a Beaver Scout Leader) 2019 Mass Build (Lindsay Todd design) Renaissance. All graphics were for a bit of fun on this one. Can't say I am impressed with the Daily Fail style "Callie Graphics ..I took a punt" title, rather negative IMHO
  3. Due to poor prior planning I had to depart lunchtime, but still managed 5 flights and plenty of spotting for others. Not in photo was the re-maiden of the Wacky Racer after it met the limbo pole, 50% stopped, rest carried on!). PS I don't know why the orange Can Doo comes out that colour!
  4. Might be worth looking at how you hold the TX and position your thumbs as its easy to position your grip so that your thumb pulls an arc. Try thumbs on top or just go to finger/thumb before its too late!
  5. How about something inflatable sir? (Experiments with landing a Vampire on an inflatable rubber deck on HMS Warrior, c.1948-49.)
  6. Didn't a full size P51 make a forced landing on the other side of the M11 recently, yet air displays continue, I can only wonder why these events carry on?
  7. If you are that fussed, hide the fill/drain behind a panel door. Could have a latch or clear tape tab and magnets on the panel door. Could always fly showing the port side of the model 🙂 Just not the starboard side! But then again the drain connection is the least of what is showing !
  8. That's it rub my nose in it ! 🙂 I would have been there but for BT (over two hours with them!). By the time I turned up everyone else was leaving. Does not matter as I got the Extra Slim Twin fully ground tested and set up for tomorrow (found a pinhole in a fuel line). Rant on! Third broadband fault in 6 months, two routers later and BT blaming Openreach, Openreach blaming their contractor and the conclusion...put up with more copper faults or go fibre, but its going to take them two visits, they don't know when the new box will be delivered or if it will go through a letterbox or if it needs signing for... Rant off Very therapeutic sanding the Tempest wings, one down one to go (when it next rains!). See you tomorrow
  9. You lot are missing the point 3,737 kg or 8,221 lbs in old money Or am I the only one that thinks that's a darn big UAS!...when it falls out of the sky
  10. Picked this up from an AAIB report Routine checks were completed, and the aircraft set up according to the test card. At 0712:16 hrs aircraft flight mode was selected, and all the electric propulsion units (EPUs) began idling. At 0714:25 hrs G-EVTL completed a normal vertical takeoff with all EPUs operating. Once the aircraft was stable in ground effect, the remote pilot shutdown EPU1 in accordance with the test card. At 0714:40 hrs the remote pilot then began a gentle climb to 30 ft agl. The test card required the aircraft to be stable at this height for 10 seconds before proceeding with the flight. This was completed and the remote pilot began a gentle acceleration towards 7 kt ground speed (GS). At 0715:47 hrs, as the aircraft speed passed 2-4 kt GS, a loud ‘pop’ was heard, and a propeller blade was released from EPU3. The resulting imbalance caused the structural failure of the right inboard pylon (pylon 3). Despite EPU1 restarting automatically the aircraft was unable to maintain height and at 0715:50 hrs it struck the ground on the left edge of the runway with a vertical descent rate of 19.45 ft/sec. During the impact the right wing failed outboard of pylon 3, the nose gear collapsed and there was other structural damage. There were no injuries and no damage to any third party. Guess what surprised me? MTOW! Aircraft description G-EVTL is an Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) prototype with a carbon fibre composite structure, fixed tricycle landing gear, V-tail and a high wing. In its configuration for this test the aircraft had a maximum takeoff mass of 3,737 kg and could be flown with a pilot onboard or remotely.
  11. Think of it as to where the weight is from its centre of balance, so a bit like WW1 mono, bi and tri-planes. the more weight you get towards the centre of balance there the more responsive it will be (if everything stays the same). The downside is it can become more critical as to where the centre of balance is (like flying wings are), but having said that I have had a few flying wings that are very stable and also very responsive to control surfaces inputs. IIRC you post a question some time ago about AUW and this is linked to some respect. If you shorted the nose and the tail light its AUW reduces so it will be come more responsive (if that's what you want. Lower wing loading will make it more responsive, its the age old formula that F1, motor cycles, boats use. Perhaps not go as far as the Colin Chapman approach (happy if it broke just after the finish line), but you get the idea
  12. If it was me I would contact John Norris of Logic RC (Spektrum UK approved service agent) and ask for his advice. If it needs to be returned to him for a firmware version that works or he should be able to tell you when the bug will be fixed with a new firmware patch. Like any manufacturer Spektrum should resolve the known issue or as a good will gesture replace it with something that does work.
  13. I would have just passed that off as reverse prop hanging, easy for those indoor 3D models, but so much more difficult with the gear down!
  14. Which motor runs? the one with or without the disconnected red wire? Could be an induced signal pick up from the elevator/aileron servo wires.. Try disconnecting both red wires and running the rx off a battery or UBEC I know nothing about Futaba, but I don't think its a TX or RX issue.. unless that RX is faulty PS I have had ESC/RX power up issues where the second ESC gets confused as to the end points, but if I use a UBEC the RX and both ESC's are happy.
  15. Thanks to all and I think RR has hit the nail on the head as the ribbon is Y'ed inside the built up wing so not coming out easily. I'll make it off and hide it away for future possible use. Focus now is on installing everything else, seeing where the C of G is and perhaps removing weight from the tail end as it has a 1:10 ratio between tail weight and nose lead location!.
  16. I have acquired a new model to me and am working out what the original builder was thinking of as its passed on a few hands in between. I get the 4 servo wires (throttles, ailerons, UC and UC doors) Plus the wingtip lighting (red/blue) Any ideas what the ribbon cable would have been used for? Its one ribbon on the top of the wing (to fuselage) and one ribbon in each nacelle so it must be Y inside the wing (not accessible) Failing the first the guess, any suggestions of what I could use them for (in the nacelle)?
  17. I guess it depends if you copy a design for personal use or commercial use and profit. I can't seriously see how you would make any substantial amount of money from copying a design. However if you did make lots of money then the copyright owner could start legal action or settle out of court! IIRC the best contract was the inventor of the Workmate who received a poultry payment for each one sold from Black & Decker, however they had to protect (at their cost) his patent ..globally! I think they used to keep a rouges gallery of all the unofficial copies/rip off's as well as their different designs over the years.
  18. Looks ok to me and well organised. My late wife supported me in my hobby as I supported her in hers. Still not quite sure what to do with TJ? At least model aeroplane don't keep going for 30 years!
  19. We had one that served a 10 storey office tower block and as an apprentice it was my job to start it every workday morning. So to make the task quicker I would start it and then make my way from the lift motor room to the top office floor and take the rope (to prevent people falling in the cabs when stationary) off and hop in. The as I travelled down the floors I work take the ropes off....travel under and then up the other side and back to the top floor. Hop out and stow the ropes for security to fit at night. The trick was to stand in the middle as the cab as it came off the vertical guides or it would trip out...slight problem as I had the lift room keys in my pocket! We had a few people put flip charts etc in/through them, but the best fun was to offer female staff to go first and then jump in with them! Ours was put to its end by the insurance company saying that the chains needed to be replaced (excuse) seeing as each chain was was effectively 12 stories long it was going to be an expensive job! For moving large numbers of people quickly it was far more effective than the three lifts installed
  20. IMHO pointless whinging, either you want to go for the reasons people have posted above or don't bother, but don't complain once its gone. I have just come back from a fly-in at Longhorsley which is a 600 mile round trip and cost me the best part of £140 in diesel and why? Great bunch of friendly flyers flying everything from a foamy Riot to two big LMS size Lancaster's and everything in between Access to site Wednesday and departed this morning Flying from 10 am to 8 pm I damaged model and someone gave me some epoxy, another person hunted around in the long wet grass and found a missing ply part Bought a Menz 18x8 prop for a fiver Used the clubhouse pillar drill and tools They do a BBQ on Saturday night And the scenery is quite impressive, yes it rained, yes it was windy, but not all of the time Not open to the public so best to bring a model to fly and join the rest of us View from the far side of the runway, if you can't land on that, best go to Specsavers!
  21. I could be wrong, but I think Nick wanted to know how the flaps work mechanically? As in push pull to rotation of the flap. If not I am interested 🙂
  22. Going to try and keep up with the build 🙂
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