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  1. Well, Everything packed in the car except for the Lipos which stay in the sh3d until tomorrow. Just as well I pack3d the model as one of the plastic brackets that fastens the wing struts to the wing had came loose. That would have been a disaster if I hadn't noticed that before arriving at the field. Some aliphatic glue on the offending article will see it set by the morning. All good to go now. ..... just need to remember the batteries ..... Cheers for now Toto
  2. OK ..... not huge progress but progress none the less ........ some more balsa needs shaped to go in the oval hole prior to a bit wood filler then sanding to give me a surface to apply the replacement covering. The same above, I'll trim around the oval prior to cutting some more balsa to bring up to surface level ..... then a bit of woodfiller and sanding to a finished surface to cover in film. A bit time consuming for very little to show so far .... but it will get there. cheers for now. toto
  3. OK ..... back in the shed ..... And one of tonights tasks ....... a bit filling to do ...... When I was trying to reroute the snakes in order to get them a bit straighter, I had to do a bit butchering ...... Not pretty admittedly ....... and ...... so I want to fill as much of the newly created holes ( read as trenches ) that I created ..... I also had to take sections of film away from the underside to get access .... which will come in handy to put balsa plates back into the inside to assist in filling the holes in the sides of the fuselage before recovering. so that is where I am starting from tonight with some sheet balsa cut to sise and glued on the inside of the fuselage. I'll see how far I get then I'll take some photo's of the issue with the joint rudder nosewheel and servo alignment that I mentioned earlier. cheers for now toto
  4. My 3mm studded threaded rod should arrive tomorrow as it was dispatched today ..... well done SLEC. I should be in the shed later and will be tackling some of the other jobs on the list including patching in some areas of balsa that I took our to get access into the snake routes ..... photos to come later. Cheers Toto
  5. I suppose not but if the only time you use the forum is when you want to promote your own site ..... maybe that's different. I'd imagine that most users contribute generally as well as promoting their own self interest. ..... just an opinion of course. Maybe I read into David's post incorrectly but I read it as a suggestion that Rosemary's visits were occassional and generally with the intention to promote ScaleMeDown. Apologies if I have read that wrong. Not only that but her post is a bit scathing ( fine .... constructive critisism maybe ) but she uses the facility provided to her FOC by the very organisation she is taking a swipe at who provides it to do it. ..... seems a bit rich. As I mentioned in my post referencing the " build " video of the VQ twin Otter ..... ScaleMeDown whilst generally good reviews to watch ( on that occasion anyway ) haven't exactly got all their ducks lined up either .... so maybe a quick check that you practice what you preach first. All good honest opinion of course. Toto
  6. So ..... its Friday .... yes .... the day before Saturday .... and you know what that means.... Battery duty. This could be a quick affair as they were charged last week and never used. The weather is looking favourable so I'll have all the gear ready to pack in the car for tomorrow. I'm hoping for a minimum of 4 possibly 5 flights .... but pack 8 batteries ..... you just never know although going on past experience, I don't think I could manage 8 flights. Just too much. I think it will be figure 8's, procedure turns, aborted landings and start getting my mind around bringing everything together towards attempting the A cert pattern in the correct order as if under examination. We'll see. Maybe the latter will fall into the following weekend. Either way .... I need to start thinking about it. I think my individual manoeuvres need a little further polishing first. Should be a good day. Toto
  7. Just came in from the shed for the night. In looking ahead .... there seems to be an awkward " marriage " between the rudder and front steering wheel servo alignment. I should have taken a few photo's to demonstrate but forgot before locking up for the night but I shall redeem myself tomorrow. The rudder and nosewheel steering push rods share the same servo but trying to line both up .... to align with the servo horn ... without creating a bit of a bend in one or the other of the snakes is nigh on impossible. As I said ... I'll come back tomorrow with some visuals to try and explain a bit better. It may be that I have to accept that I need to work with what I have ....... we'll see. Until tomorrow. Toto
  8. Thanks for the enlightenment David ..... Now it all makes sense. Naughty girl Rosemary ..... this piggybacking on other forums to take viewers to yours is a bit of a taboo. Go to the back of the class ..... into the naughty corner ...... and ..... sit you down. toto
  9. Very handy photo's Aidan. Especially of the push rods exiting the rear. I reckon I have mine a bit straighter after tearing the back end apart and re-routing the snakes a bit. It means I have some cosmetic repairs to do but should pay by giving less flex on the pushrods. The way I received it, it had a hell of a bend curve on a couple of the rods as they exited the fuselage. Once the repairs are done, I am confident that they will not be too noticeable ...... especially if the 3m rule applies or once in the air. I'd rather have some cosmetic imperfections that a badly performing model. thanks again. toto
  10. Hi Aidan ..... any help is good help so feel free to add your photo's. The 3mm studded rod has been purchased from SLEC so hopefully I will be able to progress again within a couple of days. In saying that .... Saturday .... flying ... and Sunday .... cutting my mums hedge and continuing with my wedding speech. Its all go. cheers toto
  11. Resolved. SLEC sell 9" lengths of 3mm studding. Just bought 3 lengths for now. on its way. toto
  12. OK ..... my first hurdle ..... went to fit 2mm brass threaded rod stud as bought from SLEC part No SL 017. When you have screwed the rod into the inner hole of the snake ...... you can actually pull it out. I think 2.5mm or 3mm diameter is required. I cant see these sise studed rod available. Can anybody give me a pointer. cheers toto
  13. and as mentioned above ......... the Tiger 60 is back on the slab .....😄 and a few things need attention from where I last left off ....... the first .... The snake connections ....... front ....... and rear ....... I also decimated the covering in places along the side and the underneath to try and get access when fitting securing the snakes ... a picture or two of that later .... but for now ..... its getting my head around the snake connections etc. back on the case .... toto
  14. Out of curiosity .... what is the wing span? My Quantity Surveyors head says that basing each of these driveway sets at roughly the same length as a standard brick ..... 215mm ....that its span is around 1600mm ... am I near Very nice and punchy colour scheme. Toto
  15. The ScaleMeDown reviews I have watched so far have been OK ( ish ). He done a review on the TQ twin Otter and made a criticism that the instructions made little reference to the installation of the electrics. ....... then ..... went on to do the exact same as he explained / illustrated very little himself. So whilst the presenter is a very nice chap and watchable, I wouldn't say that he is that much better than average. I dare say that he is probably on par with a lot of these video builds in that many are guilty of bypassing any of the more difficult elements of these assemblies. ...... the bits that most of us tune in to see in the hope of getting answers to. .... However ..... he won't be on his own there. ..... thanks for the attempts anyway. Toto
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