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  1. D9nt know what the chances are of flying this weekend coming. What I do know is that I am back in the Netherlands all next week. murder when work gets in the way of your hobby time. Even if the weekend is just cold it would be ok. A chance to try out my new salopettes. Let's see what happens. Toto
  2. Thanks Kevin. I think that would be ideal size wise. You'd get a few batteries in there. Cheers Toto
  3. Hi Peter, Thanks anyway. I'll have a rummage around online. I'm in no rush as I am sure I can come up with something meanwhile. I'm not sure just how much freezing temperatures can effect batteries but if these boxes can make a significant difference, then they are worth the outlay .... even if only used through the winter season. Cheers Toto
  4. Hi Peter, Could you give any details on your picnic box. What temperature do you set this to. I'd be a bit concerned not to overheat the batteries in any way. Cheers Toto
  5. Yesterday was cancelled as the weather at the field changed with temperature drops and incoming cloud that was meant to hold the risk of snow. I'm glad as the temperature in Edinburgh wasn't great either. Roads freezing up with smatterings of black ice. Ot nice. However, I used part of my time to visit Go Outdoors and pick up a pair of Salopettes and thermal base layers. Now you can bring on the snow Toto
  6. I'll have them in an explosion proof bag as always and I'll wrap that in a cover or something just for a bit of insulation. toto
  7. exciting stuff ...... Lipo batteries x 6 and transmitter batteries x 2 are all bubbling away on charge for tomorrow. Truth to be known I'm dreading it a bit as its bitterly cold at the moment but as Aidan said ..... wrap up warm. Sandwiches and crisps bought on my trip to Asda tonight in case I am running a bit tight for time tomorrow. Sort out a flask of coffee tomorrow and I'll be good to go. looking forward to getting some stick time in. toto
  8. Received a message this morning ...... flying is on for tomorrow at 11.00 am. Battery charging duties tonight. Cheers Toto
  9. All makes sense ..... As you come across these things, it gives you betterment and improvement in each build. When you first start off ...... like myself .... you dont realise how little you know and how much learning there is ..... a bit at a time .... you get there. Cheers Toto
  10. Yes ..... many ways to skin a cat and they all work ..... it's just favourites .... I'm going to give this snake thing a bash. It may turn out to be my #1 choice going forward, however, I may rue the day I tried them The dowel and wire method should be rigid. I may experiment with that on another model going forward. Cheers Toto
  11. Thanks again chaps. Good information given in time to act. I will be looking at these exit holes as I am aware that the tubes bend when lining up inside the fuselage at the exit points. I want to eradicate that and in doing so shall also probably solve at least part of the issue in getting the exit points closer to the horns. Many thanks. Toto
  12. Yes .... it was designed with solid pushrods but the snakes were suggested as an alternative to try and smooth out some of the awkward geometry. There was not any real suggestion that going down this line was a bad idea. If that's the case, I'm simply going round in circles. I need to try and get this to a place where it is finished. I'll continue with the snakes to a position where they have been installed to a workable solution and test things from there. I really don't want to be jumping back and forward getting nowhere. I think the snakes at the front end ( servo tray end ) will now be rigid enough, I just need to decide whether the snakes are unsupported for too long between the rear exit point and the control horns. If so and only if so, I can try and create a new exit point further down the fuselage. I think that sounds like a reasonable plan. Toto
  13. Hi Chris, That sort of makes sense. You dont have that rather abrupt last minute veer off to the side. Toto
  14. I think I have some of those exity thingmebobs..... I haven't started tying in the snakes to the horns yet so maybe some more work to do in moving the exits to create a smoother transition and a judicious amount of repair and recover work. Toto
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