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  1. found the refresh function, but how can i get the default rather than the dark theme? ( Windows 10)
  2. Had a gallon of glow fuel self siphon into the boot of my car once, one more reason to use lipos
  3. Farm where I used to shoot had all electric fences powered on the mains, gave a shock many times worse than battery power. I got belted twice and it REALLY hurt. Any dog affected was useless for the rest of the day.
  4. Middle of Lidl has a selection of velcro at the moment suitable for battery straps
  5. My 2017 Xtrail refused to start a few weeks ago, changed the battery ( £150) , no issues, stop start began working much more so this could be used as an indicator of battery health if only you knew? Mind you my old much lamented SAAB had a voltmeter which left no doubt.
  6. Reinforced sticky tape. cut into 30mm lengths two lengths stuck together to make 50 mm long ( with one reversed( ,made into figure of 8 hinges ( four hinges per surface). Easy version of sewn hinge !
  7. Four cell lipos which have a duff cell cell are near enough to 12 volts so can be discharged with a bulb. I use such old lipos as a power source for LED day running lights on my old Triumph then dispose when flat. Nearly all vehicles now have these LEDs so I feel more comfortable that I can be seen by car drivers, always a worry on a bike. I once put a lipo in a bucket of water then pierced it . It boiled away for a while under water, showing how difficult to extinguish they are. Just the once!
  8. If I see a disposable Vape on the pavement I pick it up and dispose of it properly by separating the battery,Following the possible re-use with interest,
  9. They control the vortices from the tips which cause drag
  10. Or the bad news , we have amputated the wrong foot, -------- the good news is the man in the next bed wants to buy your slippers.
  11. Not flying demo for obvious reasons!
  12. As I have said before converting to electrickery the main problem is enlarging the tank bay to fit a battery up against the motor mount , otherwise the cg is too far aft. My Christen Eagle had a wide cowl so managed to fit a battery transversely , the cg was spot on without ballast.
  13. Thanks Ron. Just wondering if this could be adapted to depron? Balsa veneer is stuck to foam cores with PVA , or perhaps use water based varnish . I do use vinyl from the local sign shop which makes the wing almost bomb proof but brown paper would be cheaper and also sandable and would take emulsion . Worth a try any way
  14. Shelf life for poxy seems to infinite
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