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  1. Unless in Scotland where it is quite another meaning such as can't say here
  2. Previously HK British Warehouse had a different address on every order I received, whether this was to keep ahead of customs etc. or some other obscure reason I don't know but Chinese are sharp cookies
  3. With the help of my sisters I wrote on the back of old family photos who the people were, it will be interesting I think to descendants many years hence. On the other hand I have so many digital they are not named individually. Stored on SD cards and put in small paper envelopes with info . Trouble is a change in technology could make them unreadable. Paper photo albums cannot be beat.
  4. The boat club I am a member of pays around £2000 in rates ( And get almost all refunded by the council as a sport) We were a member of the council sports association but left as it did nothing for us
  5. I think it has already been pointed out ,perhaps on another thread, that enforcement is almost nil. But if it does come to that, registered clubs will be the target, lone flyers in the depths of the countryside will be near impossible to find. Although, planes in the air are quite visible from afar!
  6. Google free storage is quite a bit more than Outlook but still only II would think up to a point where charges would be levied. Using it up by putting photos on without your knowledge is sneaky then demanding money is sharp practice and annoying. Had me worried that my Email was going to be suspended. Backing up to a hard drive is the best idea.
  7. As promised here is my flock . Close up is the mount with scallop for EDF. Four scallops in all. A mite slower than expected maybe the efflux hits the tailplane so it might be better mounted higher. The white winger is my original two years old at least and admired and copied by a couple of clubmates for its handling and speed.High EDF gives a downward on take off so I dial in up trim until at height. Venom is very twitchy , perhaps too big ailerons so still working on rates Pusher prop is also slower than expected, probably reason as above White winger tail looks askew in photo? must check
  8. Email providers give free cloud storage , some more than others. I was threatened by mine (outlook) that my email was going to be suspended because no more space,( no mention of cloud) took me a while to discover that all my pictures were being uploaded without my knowledge which had filled all free storage and I would have to pay a monthly fee. Deleted a heap of photos and back to normal service.
  9. Yes I have built and flown one, airflow to the EDF is provided by four scallops in the foam . The EDF is mounted on four bamboo skewers . Gives a much better glide than EDF on top . Will post a photo tomorrow. Too comfortable watching telly to go out to the shed.
  10. DH Venom style, cut off the tail, twin booms and an EDF behind
  11. I can view back in the camera , also on a viewer thingymajig
  12. As Jon says for putting on here, but for fool proof storage of photos my camera puts them on cards which then can be put into labelled envelopes . I lost a lot of photos last time I changed computers. You can also back them up onto a separate hard drive of course.
  13. We had a well respected by everyone member who would quickly point out any dodgy behaviour. He died a few years ago but now if anything appears to be iffy everyone says loudly "TAM WOULD NOT STAND FOR THAT"
  14. KC The CAA informed me two weeks ago my reg had expired and I had to multi question test again ( I thought it was a one off), anyway forty questions 90 percent about drones so in the response I said I never flew drones and was unhappy about the questions
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