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  1. Bit chilly but three of us ventured out with layers and layers - blue sky & very gentle breeze. I flew my Spacewalker - nice but a little more docile than I am used to. Also put another half dozen flights on my Double Trouble. Plys acouple on the baby FW. Engine in my Wotty refused to start - needs some workshop time! Kev flew his big Wotty and Super Chipmunk - until an undercarriage fixing shook loose on the frozen worm casts. Tony threw his Super Zoom around like crazy. Then lost his pretty little Yak - RIP. Meanwhile, some RAF Typhoons had some fun...
  2. Or the authorities can visit your home and confiscate your computer and storage devices. And look at your bank accounts, and your phone messages, and emails, and telephone calls, and can obviously find your social media involvement......... as pointed out above, for 99.9999% of us, it's irrelevant FUD to he scared of remote storage. P.S. the original statement was ".... whoever wants to look at your data.." which is patently untrue.
  3. So, 97 counties, say 3 acres for a small field, say an average of £10.5k per acre equals...... over £3m. It'd take years to find and purchase that many fields. And require lots of people to be involved, including legal fees - lets add, say, 1m. Who decides where they are? Some counties are pretty large so would still be out of reach - personally, I would be reluctant to travel more than 30 mins.... Who maintains them - an existing club, or a specially formed new club? Or the BMFA remotely? If the field is for the benefit of the county, how is it 'policed' to make sure it is actually used for that purpose? What happens if the BMFA gets into financial difficulties? What's to stop them selling off the most valuable land? I'm pretty sure these arguments will have occurred in the BMFA for years. I've nothing against 'one man, one vote', but suspect that not many of the membership would actually vote, meaning a large, militant club could have disproportionate power. The best way to change things, if that's what is wanted, is to get more involved - the invitation is always there. As you will see, I think the BMFA do an excellent job, in challenging times. Have I been to Buckminster? No. Will I go to Buckminster? Probably not as it's a long drive with arthritic knees. Do I support it's existence? Irrelevant really - the democratic process agreed to it, and I support that process. Finally, getting back on topic, I don't think the increase is disproportionate at all.
  4. For sale - model plane, £100 For sale - model plane + VAT receipt, £120
  5. I use Windows Photos, Picasa, Photopad...
  6. If you have Amazon Prime, they have free storage....... no logical reason to be afraid of cloud storage imo.
  7. Welcome. Best advice (whether you want it or not) we could possibly give you, is to join your nearest club to help you on your journey. Much better than Youtube 'experts'...
  8. I think part of this is actually caused by the more experienced fliers giving advice and experience. In a conversation, a solution to a problem may be "I got one of these" (possibly years after any initial problem). Newby immediately goes and buys something that just complicates matters, adds to the cost, and possibly never gets used. We sometimes forget we've accumulated stuff over many years, and finally hit upon something that works perfectly for us....... just not for everyone.
  9. Well, the centre has been on at least three relatively mainstream tv programmes....... maybe this didn't result in an increase in members per se, but it may have lessened declining numbers. Apparently, "there's no such thing as bad publicity".......
  10. Not at all. All views on model flying are welcome in a forum about...... model flying.
  11. Apart from the cases where that's not true: moon landing CIA killed JFK the monarchy killed Diana Princess of Wales the earth is flat I have no issue with people believing what they want - just keep it to yourselves. Neither does it mean you're not ill. Anyway, enough, let's get back to talk of models.
  12. I agree re shop bought adapters..... I made this myself and it's clocked up over 1000 flights now. But, now my stock of Lipos is diminishing, it's probably time to bite the bullet and break out the solder....
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