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  1. 2 VERY noisy F15's were buzzing around yesterday afternoon. In the evening, just after dark, something very noisy, very slow, lumbered over..... couldn't see it and it wasn't on Freedar.
  2. Got to the field this morning - yippee! Got a couple in on the Valiant, the PT17, the Hawk..... and 30 mins working up a sweat with the little Alt DLG. Then our farmer/landlord arrived and said that although he's harvested the crop field to the West, he's not yet baled the straw so asked us to minimise flying over it - tinder dry again, and another large wildfire within a couple of miles yesterday evening. They reckon the combine caused a spark on a stone - scary! No more Valiant flying as the most used airspace for that size plane is over the field at the West. Hey-ho - he hopes to do baling of the straw this week. Managed to set up the engine on the Double Trouble, got some stick time on the smaller planes, an had a good old chin wag, so was a nice pleasant morning.
  3. Personally, happy to keep using this one.
  4. We don't have a joining fee at all. We have no club house to maintain and are not allowed to put anything 'permanent' on the field. Our only expenses are annual field rent (which I personally feel is very high!),depreciation on the mower and trailer, servicing the mower, petrol for the mower. The only real investment has been time to prepare, and maintain, our beautiful runway. We welcome everyone, irrespective of experience, or how many clubs they belong to. If anyone does not like how the club is run, they are welcome to raise matters at the AGM, and become part of the committee. We certainly wouldn't refuse membership if anyone expressed a desire to change anything......
  5. No dairy products in my workshop, so I may give this a go.......
  6. My club has planes, engines, and motors from BMFA classified, fleabay, and facebook marketplace. We bought our club trainer (Apprentice) off maketplace.... Just needs a little care and common sense to make sure you're not being scammed.
  7. Purely personal choice of course. Mine was to take it out of the box and just fly it 1000 times - I smile every time. The challenge of balancing controls to do an even semi passable knife edge is still there. It's got foibles and habits (not bad habits) but they just add to it's appeal for me. That it doesn't do perfectly axial rolls, or does not have 'pure' yaw control doesn't make it bad to fly...... (i'm not convinced that adding mixes will work at all airspeeds tbh - they must help, but not mix out all unintended coupling at all speeds - unless throttle is included in every mix). I's trimmed enough for me to enjoy it and to do reasonable aerobatics. No everyone wants every plane to behave like a pattern plane. Back to the OP - there is no need to remove the shim.
  8. I must be lucky - only 1 club I have been a member of had a joining fee. It was to cover the cost of having a key cut. This key was for the padlock on the gate leading to the single access point. Lots of valid reasons I guess......
  9. If you aren't retired, and have a young family, the good old UK weather may well mean it'll take months My point is that it's never going to be perfect, so live with it, and enjoy it for what it is...
  10. May just be lack of fairings, but undercarts look different, so may be a different iteration of same model?
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