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  1. My foamy Wots Wot did 732 flights @ about 5 mins a time - 60+ hours. Does it count if it had a new fuselage, and a new wing servo?
  2. Went and mowed the field. With a little petrol walk-along mower as our ride-on is broken. In the same timescale, our farmer landlord planted seeds in a field 5 times the size of ours... Took about 3.5 hours and because the grass was long and damp, the grass collector was sub optimal so raking may be needed tomorrow. Would have been rude not to test each area as I mowed, so flew my Double Trouble and SE5 a few times. At home resting my aching knees, adding lubrication in the form of some Old Peculier. Dunno if it'll reach my knees, but it tastes hood!
  3. Yup, all issues seem to be dark scheme related. I gave up on that a number if months ago.... probably little point in Morton spending money to fix it - hopefully, next time 'the bonnet is up' in this area, it'll get fixed. Re not welcoming banks 'dibbing into' bank accounts, it's very very safe and you are 100% protected... safer than using an ATM for example.
  4. Thanks Ron. This is probably the most (only) scary part of the build. Wouldn't it be easier to cut the veneer for the dihedral braces while each wing is in one piece? Do you know if it's full depth (both veneers), or just one? I haven't opened my box yet....
  5. @Ron Gray could you expand on cutting the flat centre section out of the wing please? I assume you just followed Richards butchery with a saw, then sand either the outer wing root, or inner wing root..... is there anything to help get the dihedral right?
  6. I'd hope that the current relationship between the BMFA and CAA now means the SRG are better informed........
  7. Out of pure curiosity, a couple of questions about this 'loitering' using GPS.... Is the idea you pack up your stuff to get closer to the model and re-acquire control? What if you re-acquire control whilst you are driving? What happens if GPS contact is lost (e.g. battery flat)? What happens if power to the models rotors/propellor is lost (e.g. battery pack flat)? Will the 'loiter' function try and maintain level flight, resulting in a stall? I'm just being curious..... I could Google it I suppose...
  8. Regarding flying within the club boundary.... I have never belonged to a club where flying within the boundaries of the flying field itself is practical for anything other than a very small model, or a model capable of sustained hovering. Additionally, staying within the boundaries must increase the chances of mid-air collisions, and continual 'hogging' the airspace above the runway is often frowned upon. You may, of course have belonged to clubs where the flying field rather large. My current club field is 3.5 acres. If you take off in a manner which does not include a vertical climb out, you're probably only going to be at about 10 metres high when you pass the boundary. Similarly, if you start your landing approach from within the boundaries, you're making sharp turns at low altitude, and speed. And you're likely to roll off the end of the runway....
  9. The one in my car is certainly pristine and unused. The one in my flying bag has been called upon to provide a plaster for a club mate for an existing minor cut. Whilst we are rural, the nearest village, around a mile away, has a defibrillator in the old phone box, which talks you through its use, including cpr. All this talk reminds me to make sure to look at, and revise if necessary, our safety policy. Who said nothing good comes from Social Media...... you wouldn't get this reasoned discussion on Facebook!
  10. Yes, indeed prevention is better than cure, so if you see clubmates doing something dangerous, or potentially dangerous (over and above the unavoidable minor risk), bring it to their attention politely - don't just mutter to each other. Hopefully all our first aid kits, whether provided by the club or an individual, can remain unused.
  11. Even if thrown out, it'd cause a lot of stress I'd imagine. Sadly, we are living in a blame culture.
  12. Not sure anyone said they wouldn't help out if needed.... There is a school of thought that the club is responsible for individual members, and a school that says members are responsible for their own safety and well-being. Our club sets the agenda, e.g. carry a fire extinguisher, put the safety fence up, and relies on individuals to behave sensibly and follow the agenda.
  13. Absolutely. The only way to pass the flying bit is to practice flying!
  14. We have a first aid kit in our hut but we do not publicise it. I have a small kit in my flight bag, and a larger one in the car. My safety is my responsibility.
  15. Lucky escape. I'm pretty sure a dodgy switch accounted for the early demise if my Wot4 not so long ago..... flying beautifully until I heard a voice alert 'Telemetry Lost' and it arced into the ground from about 100 feet, without the (tested) failsafe kicking in.... woukd be the first time that's happened in decades of flying. Not sure how you test a switch - apart from using it! After each session, I wiggle the in and out leads but I'm not convinced I'm achieving anything!
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