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  1. Pulled up behind a VW Golf at a junction, had his foot on the brake and nice bright brake lights [full daylight] It was only when he took foot off brake I saw he was indicating right Silly little indicator in the middle of the red cluster. Poor design.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Some detail of where you are [approx] and sort of modeling/flying you do would be nice. Several members do FPV. There is a photography and FPV section in the forum.
  3. Some time soon people who have learned to drive in driver assist vehicles may/will not be allowed to drive older types without the aide's, like learning on automatic transmission cars. I can still do a steep hill start without using the hand brake, and no I do not roll back any.😁
  4. Recon Mustprang was designed for electric and model above looks set up for a sidewinder IC so I think you may well be correct on the dogfight double Robin.
  5. Could be a "Mustprang" as you say a cartoon Mustang. There was also a Spitfire variant called Splatfire.
  6. In 2022 I had a drone hovering about the farm yard, even hovering about fifty foot up looking towards the front room window, rather intrusive. I looked about for an operator but could not spot him, probably on high ground behind. Just being nosey likely but who knows. At this point I had enough and slapped a battery into my hot motored Zaggi wing and went for an interception. He soon scarpered when he saw the Zaggi closing in. 😁
  7. While dispensation can be obtained for many services [ My former Coastguard rescue team now has access to a rescue drone which would qualify] I very much doubt an estate agent drone taking "house for sale pics" flying low in a neighbour's would qualify.
  8. Most drone use by estate agents is contracted out. Flying out of line of sight is a NO NO. Flying under part 107 of the license. Complain to the estate agent selling the property.
  9. At the field early today today making use of calm conditions to fly my old Bleriot XI. Had a club member with something from other end of the aircraft spectrum for company. And no we did not fly at the same time.
  10. There is a you tube channel " Just rolled in" It is just amazing what mechanics see. My favorite is a pickup driven twenty miles to the service station, even stood still mechanics hear a strange noise coming from the back so put it up on the lift and find Chicken🐔 perched on rear axle!
  11. Our mam's bought the things for us, anyway friend was flat out on the ground for a while so his mam had to be told.
  12. A friend and I had catapult launched Fireball XL5 rockets. For launch these were clipped to a base held to the ground by your foot. The catapult rubber then was hooked to the rockets nose and with the H frame handle you stretched the elastic as high as you could above your head. Foot trigger released the XL5 to a jolly good hight, at appoge a hatch would open and a parachute would deploy for return to earth. One one occasion my friend held the H the wrong way around and on release the rockets nose [ made of slightly soft plastic] caught him smack on the chin!!! He went out like a light and keeled over like chopped pine tree. Classic KO. Banned by mums.
  13. Model is in ok order considering it has likely sat in a shed a long time, issues are both top aileron horns have come adrift, small damage on a wing tip, tail skid missing. More of an issue maybe the rather warped tail plane. Cowl has a great chunk of lead in the bottom and there is a dummy engine. [not in pic] A new light tail plane would be a good thing I recon.
  14. I and my cousin's had some of those Zetas, they were a bit dodgy but great fun and a good launch could result in two loops before steading into a tidy glide. Usual end for the Zeta would be the fin pulling off at full stretch and then and uncontrolled splat on the ground.
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