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  1. The blue light flashes only whilst its binding
  2. Hi There I assume you have the TX on in set up mode to bind a receiver check you have the Optima receiver chosen have the little button pressed down on receiver and power up , this should link the two and red light on receiver illuminated turn power of to receiver and wait a short while and switch back on and you should have red light showing and be able to move servos switch both off in sequence and back on in sequence and all should be good to go
  3. Thank you for the info Did you cut a hole in the former that the wheel wires bolt to to get the battery in I can make out the undercarriage in the photo is different
  4. Just purchased the above model and looking to convert to electric Searched the web but found nothing to help Pegasus pages has a small comment on a conversion but little help I could see cutting the bulkhead for the wheel rods fixing and using the tank hatch as access but any other advise would be welcomed
  5. Need to make space in the Hanger Full set up with Servos all round Two for elevators ( Channel 2&5 linked ) Undercarriage repair after finding only hole in our strip Collection Only Leeds Area £70
  6. Hi Again Toto It's coincidentally that mine came from Kings Lynn Models
  7. Hi Toto I recently purchased an overlander 60 ESC via a model shop which failed to work from start Calling overlander help desk they advised me to get it sent back to them due to a recent batch had some internal fault New one works perfectly Say no more
  8. Good Evening Ken What size motor did you use ??
  9. I purchased a Radiomaster TX16 not that I need 16 channels Getting my head around their wording ( weigh ) threw me but their logic is not easy to follow
  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all formunites All the best for 2024 flying days Keith Berriman LS area
  11. Circumstances have changed so not for sale anymore SC40 & Force 46 still for sale
  12. No photos to show but had a successful day on a 4 Max conversion on a Wot4 ic/ep model to electric Only the one test flight to get used to the throttle settings, level flight and nice smooth landings
  13. Don't know what is happening with my tablet Do you want to do a deal I would box up and send by EVRI
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